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Creating the right flavoring combination for a food, beverage or packaged product can require multiple attempts on the bench and in the pilot plant. The speed with which the product passes through the lab will depend largely on the skills of the product developer. Even with in-depth knowledge of ingredient interactions and processes, the product may hit a snag in manufacturing.  Working with small levels of ingredients, such as spices, flavorings or high potency compounds requires exact measurements, plating, and pre-blending. The slightest misstep can summon QC to call for rework.

That’s why savvy companies seek the expertise of the specialists at Icon Foods. Not only do they save the cost of research and development by relying on the supplier’s R&D team, they save manufacturing expenses by using a pre-blend. Adding one ingredient to the mix, rather than five or a dozen means there’s less margin for error and the assurance of purchasing a consistent product creates a strong advantage.

Like spices or flavors, each sweetener imparts its own taste and functional properties. While sugar’s sweetness builds, rounds and drops off slowly, high- intensity sweeteners tend to hit sharply and then linger. The presence or absence of other ingredients can magnify or mute sweetener tendencies. When certain sweeteners are used in tandem, their value exceeds their solo contribution. Making the most use of synergies optimizes flavor while lowering the levels of each must be used, ultimately reducing cost.

Understanding the nuances of each sweetener, the ways that it functions and the ways that it interacts with other ingredients will shorten time to delivery of the idealized sweetening system for a beverage, confectionery, baked good or other product. Icon Foods’ clean label sweetening systems deliver exactly the right sweetness for the product they are specifically designed for naturally.

Having access to the Icon Foods library of natural sweeteners and plug and play sweetening systems coupled with their intricate knowledge of each sweeteners idiosyncrasies is critical to developing the sweetening target.

Icon Foods creates blends of clean label sweetening compounds to deliver the optimum sweetness profile for a specific product. Maximizing synergies among sweeteners and other ingredients in the formula can reduce the cost of the formula.

When you chose Icon Foods as your supply chain partner for clean label sweetening solutions you can be assured of the highest quality, reliability, chemical-free processing, 100% natural products, clean label ingredients, GMO-free, gluten-free diabetic safe and kosher.

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