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    Steviva Ingredients has launched Erysweet, a non-GMO erythritol.

    Erysweet non-GMO erythritol is tooth friendly, zero calorie (0.2cals/g), good for diabetics (it doesn’t raise blood sugar), and well-tolerated in the gut, erythritol is about 60-70% as sweet as sugar. It also blends well with high intensity sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit and is used in …

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    Allulose is a sugar that occurs naturally in wheat, figs, raisins and jackfruit. Ketchup contains nearly 40 mg/100 g of allulose. Brown sugar contains approximately 71.1 mg/100 g allulose. Also called D-Psicose, it is a low-energy monosaccharide sugar. It is a C-3 epimer of fructose, and has the same molecular formula as fructose and glucose. But unlike fructose and glucose, …

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    Many consumers don’t know much about this emerging sweetener, but it is one of the best natural sugar substitutes in the food industry. Many new products are popping up using this ingredient as an alternative to the very popular stevia leaf sweetener.

    This ingredient is generally recognized as safe by the FDA and has been …

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    Inulin is a plant storage carbohydrate made from fructose polymers. Usually made from Chicory root of Jerusalem artichoke, it is used by the health industry as a prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber is found in many foods, but some people need a supplement in order to have the perfect gut health. You don’t actually digest inulin, but it goes through the …

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    Stevia is at the forefront of plant-based sweeteners. It’s high intensity. Such minute quantities are used that it doesn’t contribute calories. 

    Stevia is not a single component. The term refers to sweet compounds found in the stevia leaf. Extracts are derived from leaves of the South American plant Stevia rebaudiana.  More than 10 different sweet steviol glycosides are found within the …