Allulose is a sugar that occurs naturally in wheat, figs, raisins and jackfruit. Ketchup contains nearly 40 mg/100 g of allulose. Brown sugar contains approximately 71.1 mg/100 g allulose. Also called D-Psicose, it is a low-energy monosaccharide sugar. It is a C-3 epimer of fructose, and has the same molecular formula as fructose and glucose. But unlike fructose and glucose, allulose is not rapidly digested and absorbed. It passes through the body without being metabolized. It behaves similarly to erythritol. It does not have a laxative effect.
Non-digestible carbohydrates are associated with body weight reduction. Compared to sugar’s 4 calories per gram, allulose has only 0.2 calories per gram. Even though it is only 70 percent as sweet, it has the same temporal profile as sugar. Plus, it provides the expected mouthfeel that sugar imparts, leading to a more satisfying flavor without requiring the addition of bulking ingredients.


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