From candies to fruits and nuts and even herbs and spices, inclusions are storming the food and beverage industry. As the demand for “permissibly indulgent” products continues to grow, Icon Foods introduces “SweetBitz,” a new line of no-added-sugar, clean-label chocolate chips. This low-calorie, all-natural inclusion enables manufacturers to appeal to consumers’ desire to be wowed by flavor and texture, while also offering a healthy indulgence. We will also be launching no-added-sugar chocolate chips in multiple flavors, cookie chunks, sprinkles and more! These products are currently in research and development.

“Today’s consumers are making better-for-you food choices, but they still like a small indulgence,” said Thom King, president and CEO of Icon Foods. “We’re excited to add this no-added-sugar, clean-label option to our product offerings. And, as far as we know, we are the only company to develop sugar-free chocolate chips on an ingredient level.”

The new chocolate chips feature Erysweet+ Ultra Blend, a super-fine mesh powder consisting of SteviaSweet 95-60 with Erysweet

Non-GMO erythritol, a polyol that provides natural, low-calorie sweetening and bulk.

Available in 2M and 4M, SweetBitz are designed for a wide range of products, including frozen dairy applications, yogurts, energy/nutrition bars, cookies and nut butters.