Food Grade Custom Milling and Grinding

The experienced and staff at Icon Foods is dedicated to guiding your beverage manufacturing project from the idea stage to fulfillment.

Icon Foods is a contract beverage manufacturing company that provides state-of-the-art non- carbonated drink bottling services covering every stage of production.

Unlike some contract beverage manufacturing companies, Icon Foods is not limited to the production side. Our turnkey capability means we are as adept at filling, labeling, packing, and shipping.

Why Use Icon Foods Contract Beverage Manufacturing?

— If you have only the basic idea for a beverage, with or without a formula or ingredients.
— If you have the basic ingredients in mind but are not sure how to develop a formula.
— If you would like to reverse engineer or duplicate the flavors and qualities of a beverage that already is on the market.

When you use Icon Foods as your contract beverage manufacturing partner we can help develop a proprietary formula and will procure the finest ingredients and raw materials available. Additionally, we can source anything you need to complete the project, including bottles, caps, labels, packaging, and more.

Our facility operates under the strictest quality control-quality assurance guidelines. Use Icon Foods as your contract beverage manufacturing partner.

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