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Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Why Today’s Sweetener ‘Rush’?

Ingredients article entitled “Why Today’s Sweetener ‘Rush’?” regarding sweeteners in which Steviva Syrup is featured. A stevia-based syrup blend, developed by Steviva Ingredients Inc., Portland, Ore. (, is designed to replace high fructose corn syrup in beverages. The liquid sweetener consists of a proprietary combination of extracts, natural flavors, and Read more…

Beverage Industry

“The Sweetest Thing”Fructevia offers a mouthfeel and flavor profile identical to sugar with a fraction of the calories…. featured in the June issue of Beverage Industry.

Lighter Back to School Beverages

Lighter Back to School BeveragesWhen it comes to the increasingly popular, all-natural, high intensity sweeteners based on extracts from the stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana), suppliers are differentiating by sourcing, processing methods and composition. All of this affects the stevia ingredient’s taste of sweet and flavor of sweet. “Stevia products are Read more…

Sweet Success in Blood Sugar Management

Sweet Success in Blood Sugar Management “The hot button seem to be consistently driven toward sugar reduction and diabetic-safe sweeteners,” explained Thom King, president of Steviva Ingredients. “However, a fast-growing segment is demanding clean labels, so all natural is growing leaps and bounds.” Natural Product Insider On-Line

Erysweet Erythritol Press Coverage

Steviva Ingredients Releases Erysweet Erythritol: Press Coverage See it on: The Web At The Following Sites•, see link:•, see link:•, see link:•, see link:•, see link: (complete with photo of you from IFT!)•, see link: Additional Site Covering Read more…