Sweetener Expertise

Icon Foods is driven by a passion for innovation, quality and collaboration. Sweeteners come naturally to our application, research and development, manufacturing and procurement teams. We have deep experience with natural sweeteners in a wide range of applications. We can help you meet your objectives quickly, cleanly and responsibly.

Our intuitive knowledge of sweeteners helps you reach your product development target.

Our in depth understanding of interactions between sweeteners and other formulation ingredients will maximize ingredient cost efficiency.

Our collaborations with our customers save them time and money.

Our confidential, customized sweetener solutions help our customers create their own unique, proprietary formulations.

At Icon Foods, we are always looking for new sweetener solutions and collaboration opportunities.

Sweetener Expertise:

Satisfying the world’s sweet tooth is not an easy task, not only because of the breadth of our appetite, but also because of the ways sweetness is used and perceived in food products. Consumer perception of ingredients is just one of the challenges food developers face when sweetening products. Besides meeting the shopper’s conceptualized image of the ideal product label, R&D must satisfy the end users’ sensorial expectations.

Regardless of consumers’ attitudes about sugar – whether positive or negative – the sweetener that replaces it must taste and function like sugar. It is the taste that most people equate with sweetness.

Rely on the sweetener expertise of Icon Foods to help take the mystery out of sugar reduction.

Download our latest white paper “Taking the Mystery Out of Reduced Sugars”. It is available at no charge at http://iconfoods.com/press/Taking-the-mystery-white-paper.pdf.