Allulose is well stocked! Get ahead of the supply chain crunch.

Icon Foods Allulose is well stocked! Get ahead of the supply chain crunch.


Recently, our procurement team began reaching out to some of our industry partners to inquire about their stock levels of allulose. Unfortunately, many of them are starting to see extended lead times, price increases, and fully allocated stock.

Thankfully, we planned ahead and have secured solid positions on all allulose at very competitive prices!

This availability extends to our liquid versions and fine mesh sizes. Reducing particle size offers significant advantages for food and beverage products that require increased solubility. Consider, for example, frostings and icings, which require a smooth, non-gritty texture; here, the use of a 100 mesh or Ultra mesh particle size proves exceptionally effective! Similarly, in beverages, opting for a finer mesh size can significantly enhance the speed at which dissolution occurs.

Fortunately, numerous sweeteners within the KetoseSweet Family are available in reduced particle sizes, allowing for a wider range of applications:

  • KetoseSweet 100
  • KetoseSweet Ultra
  • KetoseSweet with Monk Fruit 100
  • KetoseSweet+ 100
  • IconiSweet 100

Furthermore, because allulose is only 70% as sweet as sugar, it must be blended with high-intensity sweeteners to bring it to parity with sugar. An excellent example of this is our KetoseSweet+, a blend of allulose, stevia, and monk fruit!

Stevia and monk fruit are high intensity sweeteners—about 150 to 250 times sweeter than regular table sugar. On its own, stevia can have off-notes reminiscent of licorice, while monk fruit can have off-notes reminiscent of melon rind. When the two are paired together, they help vanquish each other’s off notes to create neutral sweetness. However, since such small amounts of stevia and monk fruit are needed to deliver the same sweetness as sugar, allulose is added to create a blend with a 1:1.5 ratio to sugar! Additionally, because allulose participates in the Maillard reaction, KetoseSweet+ supports browning, melting, and caramelizing while still maintaining a clean label claim.

Our allulose stock is ample now, but demand is strong! Our team wants to make sure that we’re able to minimize supply fluctuations while still offering our partners the best price possible. Contact us today!

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