Celebrate World Chocolate Day!

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with zero sugar added chocolate inclusions!

Despite concern over the price of cocoa, chocolate remains a constant want for consumers! “82% of global consumers surveyed agree, ‘chocolate is good for the soul’” while 57% say they would rather give up social media for a month rather than chocolate. In a true testament it’s power, 72% of those surveyed “fear that a ‘world without chocolate would be a world without joy’” (1). This sentiment is consistent across generations and regions!

Icon Foods chocolate chips, coatings, and candies are zero sugar added with no compromise on flavor or mouthfeel. Non-GMO and made with diabetic-friendly sweeteners, they add flavor and texture to applications while driving down water activity. Contact our team for samples and spec sheets!

Icon Foods Hamilton chocolate chips

Icon Foods Broadway white chocolate chips

Icon Foods Sellwood dark chocolate baking chips

Icon Foods Ross island dark chocolate baking chips

Icon Foods high protein chocolate chips

Icon Foods Marquam

Icon Foods ShellBe Candies


1. “The Fifth Annual State of Snacking.” Mondelez International, 2023, https://www.mondelezinternational.com/assets/stateofsnacking/2023/2023_MDLZ_stateofsnacking_report_global.pdf.

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