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PreBiotica AG Inulin is a powdered prebiotic fiber derived from agave plants—a plant widely known for its use in the production of tequila. Agave has been a mainstay for the indigenous people of North America, where the juice was drunk as a beverage when squeezed from the baked fibers. The heads were baked and made into an edible paste, eaten whole, or made into soup. The leaves were eaten boiled, and the young, tender flowering stalks and shoots were roasted and eaten as well. Agave fibers have been used to make rope, the leaves have been used to line baking pits, and the sharp-pointed leaf tips have been used to make basketry awls.

When it comes to prebiotics, chain length and the degree of polymerization are the differentiators of terminology—with inulin having a slightly higher DP. Fructooligosaccharide [FOS] is referred to as inulin if the average fructan chain length is 6 or above. Studies have shown that PreBiotica AG Inulin may help suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Because of its chain length and DP, PreBiotica AG Inulin is ideal for use in formulations in which inulin contributes to sugar replacement—it can also be used as a fat mimetic and has been heralded for its role in suppressing defects caused by fat reduction in fermented meat products.

Along with its numerous health benefits, this non-digestible carbohydrate delivers just 1 calorie per gram. PreBiotica AG Inulin can act as a sweetness modulator when used in conjunction with high intensity sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit—this blend creates a sweetening solution with a neutral flavor profile that can be used as a plug-and-play replacement for sugar. PreBiotica AG Inulin is non-GMO, kosher. Because our PreBiotica AG Inulin is derived without the use of chemicals, it can be used to support a clean label claim.

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