Icon Foods Partners With BioLotus Technology

The deal will distribute Chinese company’s next-generation stevia-based sweeteners throughout North America Icon will distribute high-purity RebM, RebA, and enzymatically treated steviol glycosides, on behalf of BioLotus. The agreement is a natural extension of the partnership the two companies have forged, says Thom King, president, and CEO of Icon Foods. […]

Steviva Ingredients partners with farmers in Brazil to produce fully traceable, identity-preserved stevia extracts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  February 15, 2016  Contact:                      Cheryl Tessier, APR, 608-695-6510, ctessier@finessepr.net                                     Thom King, 310-455-9876, thom.king@steviva.com  Steviva Ingredients partners with farmers in Brazil to produce fully traceable, identity-preserved stevia extracts BraziliaSweet® RA95 and BraziliaSweet® 95-60 deliver clean flavor, zero calories  PORTLAND, Oregon — In response to increased consumer interest […]

Tariffs got you down?

Are impending ingredient tariffs affecting your food business? Trump’s trade war is starting to have some consequences. In a response to U.S. tariffs on things such as steel and tech goods, trade partners like Canada, China, the Europe have imposed some tariffs of their own on a wide array of goods. Some […]

Getting Creative With Confectionery

By Karen Nachay Source: http://www.ift.org/food-technology/past-issues/2018/august/columns/ingredients-and-confectionery.aspx?token=cdbd00cf-dd81-4bc0-a590-454590f1f285  The confectionery industry is big business. So big that confectionery products account for $35 billion in retail sales annually, including $2 billion in exports and more than $7 billion in seasonal candy sales, according to the National Confectioners Association (NCA). That’s a lot of candy to […]

The new technologies aiding in ingredient traceability

08.13.2018By Jeff GelskiSource: https://www.bakingbusiness.com/articles/46840-the-new-technologies-aiding-in-ingredient-traceability  KANSAS CITY — A strong traceability system for ingredients may prove crucial in more than just food safety recalls. Such a system may further cement the credibility of organic or non-bioengineered/non-G.M.O. claims. Traceability hurdles, however, may come in the form of complex supply chains for ingredients, including cocoa, that […]