Icon Foods Partners With BioLotus Technology

The deal will distribute Chinese company’s next-generation stevia-based sweeteners throughout North America Icon will distribute high-purity RebM, RebA, and enzymatically treated steviol glycosides, on behalf of BioLotus. The agreement is a natural extension of the partnership the two companies have forged, says Thom King, president, and CEO of Icon Foods. […]

Steviva Ingredients partners with farmers in Brazil to produce fully traceable, identity-preserved stevia extracts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  February 15, 2016  Contact:                      Cheryl Tessier, APR, 608-695-6510, ctessier@finessepr.net                                     Thom King, 310-455-9876, thom.king@steviva.com  Steviva Ingredients partners with farmers in Brazil to produce fully traceable, identity-preserved stevia extracts BraziliaSweet® RA95 and BraziliaSweet® 95-60 deliver clean flavor, zero calories  PORTLAND, Oregon — In response to increased consumer interest […]

Icon Foods Mesh Size Guide

Custom Food Grade Milling & Grinding!

Milling & Mesh Sizes Finding the correct particle size can be one of the most difficult parts of food and beverage formulation. It can be especially difficult when creating zero sugar formulas that require precise formulation, such as tempering chocolate. Luckily, there is a solution to the particle size problem! […]

Big Sugar Fights Back | Erythritol Insights by Icon Foods

Big Sugar Fights Back…

Big Sugar Fights Back… There is no denying that over the past six months the sugar industry and large CPG’s have been under attack. This started when the FDA proposed a new definition for the term “healthy,” which created a huge divide between big food makers and nutritionists (1). The […]

Zero Sugar Added SweetBitz Inclusions

SweetBitz Inclusions Will Perfect Your Treats!

Consumers Want Zero Sugar Added Treats The USDA wants to crack down on added sugar! Recently, the agency proposed a limit to the amount of added sugar allowed in school lunches (1). The new limit aims to eliminate the negative side effects that come with excessive sugar consumption—which are felt […]

Dairy Processors Icon Foods

Icon Foods Offers R&D Insights to Dairy Processors

Original article posted on dairyfoods.com Helping Dairy Processors “Win Big” in New Product Development Article by Barbara Harfmann, with insights from Icon Foods Just as an NFL team researches its opponent, maps out plays, and regularly practices formations so they can win on game day, new product development (NPD) employs […]