Benefits of Organic Rebaudioside M

Icon Foods Benefits of Organic Rebaudioside M

Both organic rebaudioside M leaf extract and bioconverted rebaudioside M are forms of stevia plant extract used as natural sweeteners. While both are excellent high intensity sweeteners, let’s explore the potential advantages of organic rebaudioside M leaf extract:

  • Natural and Organic: Organic rebaudioside M leaf extract is derived directly from the stevia plant leaves without undergoing extensive processing or chemical conversion. This makes it appealing to consumers looking for a natural and organic sweetener—it just reads better on the label.
  • Minimal Processing: Organic rebaudioside M leaf extract is a product of natural selection, and typically undergoes minimal processing, which may help retain more of the natural compounds present in the stevia plant.
  • Environmental Benefits: Organic farming practices used to cultivate the stevia plants for organic rebaudioside M leaf extract can offer environmental benefits, including fostering soil health, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing chemical usage.
  • Consumer Perception: Some consumers may prefer organic rebaudioside M leaf extract over steviol glycosides due to its perceived purity and natural origins, which can be a selling point for products marketed as clean label or natural.

While organic rebaudioside M leaf extract has its advantages, it’s important to note that bioconverted rebaudioside M also has its own benefits—such as potentially lowering production costs, improving taste profiles, and increasing scalability for large-scale productions.

The choice between the two forms of rebaudioside M may depend on factors, such as:

Due to our volumes and manufacturer contracts, Icon Foods is uniquely positioned to offer both organic rebaudioside M stevia leaf extract and rebaudioside M steviol glycosides. Contact our team for pricing, samples, and spec sheets!

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