Celebrate World Baking Day With IconiSweet!


Icon Foods Celebrate World Baking Day With IconiSweet!

Reduced sugar and zero sugar baking presents a myriad of challenges that can confound even the most seasoned bakers! Sugar is not just a sweetener; it contributes to the structure, texture, and moistness of baked goods. When reducing sugar, achieving the right balance of sweeteners & fibers becomes a delicate process. If done incorrectly, texture can suffer, resulting in dry, small, or overly dense treats. Sugar also aids in browning, so achieving that coveted golden hue becomes trickier. Adding the right inclusions adds another layer of difficulty. Despite these hurdles it’s possible to craft delicious reduced sugar delights that satisfy the sweet tooth without sacrificing flavor or quality!

IconiSweet: Formulated with Baked Goods in Mind

Icon Foods specializes in crafting sweetening systems in a range of particle (mesh) sizes. IconiSweet—one of our most inclusive blends—delivers the optimum sweetness profile for your baked goods! IconiSweet brings allulose, erythritol, monk fruit and stevia into perfect proportion—masterfully striking the chord of balanced flavor and clean label. In any formula, this sweetener’s flavor is constant, thereby reducing the need for additional modifiers. Since this sweetening system does not contribute added sugars, the Nutrient Facts Panel maintains a healthy halo with negligible calories contributed—one hundred grams of IconiSweet only has 20 calories.​

Maximizing Synergies

  • The perfect ratio of monk fruit and stevia cancel each other’s off-notes and increase the sweetness of the allulose and erythritol—making it the ideal 1:1 sweetening solution and a direct replacement for sucrose.​
  • IconiSweet incorporates allulose for its sugar-like mouthfeel and flavor, as well as it’s humectant property and ability to brown, melt, and caramelize for delicious & beautiful baked goods.
  • IconiSweet uses erythritol to replace volume and provide structure similar to sugar. It also keeps the overall calories down. Because of its low molecular weight, erythritol lowers water activity—a benefit in extending shelf life in baked goods.​

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