The search for the perfect sugar substitute is far from over, but Icon Foods has tapped into two natural extracts, CitruSweet and ThauSweet, that offer the latest advances in the alternative-sweetener arena.

The problem with non-sugar sweeteners is often this: They deliver sweetness quicker than sugar does and dissipate equally rapidly, thus they can leave afternotes that lessen the consumer’s taste experience. CitruSweet and ThauSweet overcome this challenge by boosting the capabilities of such substitutes as stevia and monk fruit to create a lingering sweet effect that doesn’t require the use of maskers, which can also cover up desired tastes. Even better, CitruSweet and ThauSweet are naturally produced, so they fit into any clean-label strategy. Here’s how they work:

CitruSweet is extracted from naringin, a bioflavonoid found in the inner peel of citrus fruits. It serves as an ally to boost sweetness after the initial sweetener has peaked, allowing the flavor to remain fuller and masking any related sweetener off-notes.

ThauSweet derives from proteins within the katemfe fruit of West Africa. It is a potent sweetener and has proven to be adept at masking metallic or bitter tastes that can appear with other natural sweeteners.

“Natural sweeteners deliver on the promise of great taste in a healthier product in so many ways,” says Icon CEO Thom King. “They are low calorie, and they are part of the clean-label experience consumers now routinely expect. Though they don’t deliver the exact same flavor experience as processed sugar does, CitruSweet and ThauSweet get much closer to that sensory experience and mouthfeel. We are delighted to offer them to our customers.”