All-natural, GMO-free sweetener finds a sweet spot in school lunch program
Not everyone agrees on the approach. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, promoted by the popular chef and TV personality, has this to say on his website. “When kids drink chocolate and strawberry milk every day at school, they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year. That’s really bad for their health.” A photo of Jamie, standing in front of a school bus that’s spewing forth sugar, emphasizes the point. Subsequently, many schools, including those in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, have banned chocolate milk from their lunch programs…. Incorporating stevia into flavored milk adds a calorie advantage. Steviva Ingredients offers natural stevia products derived from the South American plant, Stevia rebaudiana. Flavor contribution from the company’s proprietary blend of steviol glycosides is exceptionally clean and free from the bitter notes and aftertaste that are found in some stevia products. For sweetening flavored milk, Thom King, president, Steviva Ingredients, recommends incorporating Fructevia as a direct replacement for sugar. The profile of Fructevia is further enhanced by combining these proprietary steviol compounds with non- GMO crystalline fructose and inulin fiber, a pre-biotic which promotes healthy gut flora. The resulting sweetness curve resembles HFCS or a blend of sucrose and fructose, meaning that it’s well rounded and lacks sharp peaks.



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