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Icon Foods has Introduced a Reb M Ingredient called SteviaSweet RM95

Article by Sebastian Krawiec, with insights from Icon Foods

Icon Foods (Portland, OR) has announced the launch of its SteviaSweet RM95. The natural sweetener and flavor modulator is a 95% Rebaudioside M that offers clean flavor without the bitter notes typically associated with stevia. According to press release from the company, the ingredient’s neutral, sweet taste means it can be utilized without the need of flavor maskers, and it also works well with other high-intensity sweeteners as both a sweetness and flavor modulator.

“With its balanced flavor, SteviaSweet RM95 allows formulators to naturally sweeten with stevia and achieve a clean taste,” said Thom King, CEO of Icon Foods, in a press release. “The result is a flavor remarkably similar to sugar without the need for expensive taste modifiers or maskers, which can also extend development times. This next-generation stevia sweetener will support faster innovation and quicker revenue generation for our customers.”


“Blind qualitative descriptive analysis taste testing found that SteviaSweet RM95 delivers a natural sweet flavor very comparable to sugar in water,” King added. “Formulations with Reb A often face limitations due to the strong licorice and bitter taste. With its proprietary sourcing and chemical-free extraction method, SteviaSweet RM95 can achieve high levels of natural sweetness without the unwanted off-notes.”

According to Icon Foods, SteviaSweet RM95 is manufactured in the U.S., bioconverted from stevia leaves grown in Peru. The company says that the ingredient can be perceived as being 20-40% sweeter than Reb A stevia, which offsets cost since less is needed to achieve sweetness. Icon Foods states that SteviaSweet RM95 is ideal for use across multiple applications. These include beverages (carbonated or not); dairy products and dairy alternatives, such as yogurt, milks, and ice cream; fruit products; baked goods, including confections, bars, and cereals; condiments, jams, and jellies; as well as nutraceuticals.


Reach out to sales@iconfoods.com for free samples and proven formulas. 


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