Is Monk Fruit Sweetener Safe?

Many consumers don’t know much about this emerging sweetener, but it is one of the best natural sugar substitutes in the food industry. Many new products are popping up using this ingredient as an alternative to the very popular stevia leaf sweetener.

This ingredient is generally recognized as safe by the FDA and has been used for centuries in Asia. Monk Fruit is safe for consumers with diabetes because it does not affect blood sugar levels. This does not mean that all monk fruit products are safe for diabetics, but generally the sweetener itself is. Monk Fruit has a minimal impact on digestion, unlike many other natural sweeteners. It is also better for your oral health as well.

More research is needed to find if the many beneficial claims of this ingredient are in fact accurate. Some say it has healing properties for many diseases including cancer, but there are no conclusive findings that this is true. That being said, the sweetener is safe for most consumer diets and is a great replacement for sugar in a wide variety of products.

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