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Icon Foods Chocolate Chips

A recent report by Mintel revealed consumers demand for clean label products is growing—”clean label cues like zero artificial colours or preservatives, claims which convey naturalness yet don’t suggest a compromise to indulgence, are more likely to resonate” than claims like “organic” (2). Similarly, a different survey by Mintel revealed 74% of consumers want to cut back on sugar— believing a healthy diet equals lower sugar levels (1). What does this mean for food and beverage manufacturers? It means, consumers want sweet, decadent treats—zero sugar added with no compromise on flavor or mouthfeel!

Icon Foods meets this need with our Zero Sugar Added SweetBitz Chocolate Chips! Our chips are clean label, non-GMO, and sweetened with stevia and erythritol. With the FDA’s proposal for front-of-package labels looming and consumer demand for inherently healthy, ready-to-eat products on the rise, the time to reformulate has arrived! Contact us for formulation and reformulation insights, spec sheets, and samples today!


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