When a natural positioning is desired, many formulators are looking to stevia-based sweeteners for assistance. But Thom King, president of Steviva Ingredients, Portland, Ore., said there are many stevia products in the marketplace and they are quite different.

“Their only commonality is that they are all derived from the stevia plant,” he said. “Multiple compounds within the stevia leaves — steviol glycosides — have characteristics ranging from sweet to bitter. Isolating the purest, best-tasting components from leaves grown in a controlled environment requires technological expertise, as the method used to extract these compounds significantly impacts flavor and quality.”

The company markets a patented blend of non-bioengineered crystalline fructose, steviol glycosides and inulin that has application in yogurt fruit preps.

“It can give up to a 75% added sugar reduction and yet retains an excellent mouthfeel and flavor profile,” Mr. King said.

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