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Vast amounts of research have conclusively shown that the use of allulose will not take the body out of a state of ketosis. Rare sugars like allulose—though 70% as sweet as sugar—can be used as a substitute for sugar. This ingredient provides sweetness without calories. Although it is functionally classed as a carbohydrate, allulose is mostly absorbed in the small intestine without being converted into energy—at least 90% is excreted by the kidneys without being metabolized and without the laxative effect of some polyols. This means that in a functional sense allulose has 95% fewer calories than sucrose.

Because of this, the FDA determined in 2019 that allulose no longer needed to be listed under total or added sugars on the nutrient facts panel. KetoseSweet Liquid can be used as a standalone sweetener, or in conjunction with high intensity sweeteners and fibers. When combined with high intensity sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, the sweetening blend provides a neutral flavor profile that can be used as a plug-and-play replacement for sugar. KetoseSweet Liquid is non-GMO and kosher. Because our KetoseSweet Liquid is derived without the use of chemicals, it can be used to support a clean label claim.

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