Icon Foods Reduce Sugar with IconiSweet!

Reduce Sugar With IconiSweet!

IconiSweet—our most inclusive sweetening system—is a natural sweetening solution that brings together optimal levels of monk fruit extract, crystalline allulose, proprietary steviol glycosides, and erythritol. A symphony cannot be played alone; it needs an orchestra to be heard. As a single ingredient, sugar hits the mark for delivering full rounded flavor, bulking, and browning properties. As the trend towards zero sugar strengthens, formulation tactics have changed drastically. Combinations of sweeteners are now necessary to fill the roles previously filled by that one ingredient.

Enter IconiSweet: a blend that brings allulose, erythritol, monk fruit and stevia into perfect proportion—masterfully striking the chord of balanced flavor and clean label. IconiSweet offers formulators the perfect ratio of monk fruit and stevia, which cancel each other’s off-notes and increase the sweetness of the allulose and erythritol—making it the ideal 1:1 sweetening solution and a direct replacement for sucrose.​ IconiSweet incorporates allulose for its sugar-like mouthfeel and flavor, as well as it’s humectant property and ability to brown, melt, and caramelize. It also keeps the overall calories down.

IconiSweet uses erythritol to replace volume and provide structure similar to sugar. Because of its low molecular weight, erythritol lowers water activity—a benefit in extending shelf life in baked goods.​ Continuously, erythritol drives down freezing depression while the allulose increases overrun in frozen desserts. Whereas allulose offsets any cooling effects that erythritol might add to candies. Since this sweetening system does not contribute added sugars, the Nutrient Facts Panel maintains a healthy halo with negligible calories contributed—one hundred grams of IconiSweet only has 20 calories.​ IconiSweet can be used as a standalone sweetener—the sweetening blend provides a neutral flavor profile that can be used as a plug-and-play replacement for sugar. IconiSweet is non-GMO and kosher. Because our IconiSweet is derived without the use of chemicals, it can be used to support a clean label claim.

Meet the KetoseSweet Family!

  • KetoseSweet | Crystalline Allulose
  • KetoseSweet+ | Allulose, Stevia Extract & Monk Fruit Extract
  • KetoseSweet with Stevia | Allulose & Stevia Extract
  • KetoseSweet with Monk Fruit | Allulose & Monk Fruit Extract
  • KetoseSweet Liquid | Liquid Allulose
  • KetoseSweet+ Liquid | Liquid Allulose, Stevia Extract & Monk Fruit Extract
  • KetoseSweet with Monk Fruit Liquid | Liquid Allulose & Monk Fruit Extract
  • IconiSweet | Erythritol, Allulose, Stevia & Monk Fruit Extract

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