Karen Nachay and Margaret Malochleb | June 2018, Volume 72, No.6

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The food industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in how manufacturers approach product development. Gone are the days of the occasional line extension or products relegated to small, niche diet or health food sections of grocery stores. Today’s consumers demand foods with exciting twists, bold flavors, and added nutritional benefits. They want options that are formulated with less of certain types of ingredients but still taste great. They want convenience, and they also want to make sure that they are getting value for their money. They seemingly want it all.

To satisfy consumers hungry for these types of foods, manufacturers are exploring the potential of all sorts of ingredients that offer the required functionalities and allow manufacturers to present products in a more nutritionally beneficial way. The IFT18 food expo is a once-a-year opportunity to learn about new developments in ingredient formulation and offerings, how products are changing to meet consumer demands, and trends that are shaping the overall food industry.

For example, wheat flour is no longer the only type of flour to use in bread. Other grains, particularly whole grains, are milled into flour used to make bread. Ingredients like nut and legume flours—unlikely ingredients in bread baking in the past—have made their way into some brands of bread. Reducing sodium and sugar in products can be a challenge, especially when it comes to taste. Newer ingredients derived from plant-based sources make it possible for manufacturers to reduce sugar or sodium but keep the desired flavor of foods. Technology has improved naturally derived colorings, making them more stable and vibrant in beverages, confections, packaged goods, and more. The texture of products can drive sales, and more companies are calling out a textural quality of a product either on the package or in the product’s name. Plenty of new ingredients have come online in recent years that allow manufacturers to create new textural experiences or to fine-tune the textures of products. Global cuisines are an inspiration for product developers, and products formulated with ingredients such as flavors, sauces, and seasonings give consumers a taste of different cuisines from around the world—right in the comfort of their own homes.

Overall, though, there is one area that all of this is coalescing around and pointing to the larger trend shaping the food industry. It is what the industry refers to as clean label, or simple label, the idea that consumers want products formulated with ingredients that are easier for them to understand, organic, not made with genetic modification, or naturally derived. Walking the expo floor at this year’s event, you will get the sense that many ingredient exhibitors have some type of ingredient option that addresses an area of clean label.

One of the best ways for attendees to experience the IFT18 food expo is to see and taste how ingredients function in samples of product concepts. Read on for some examples of what to expect at the booths. Something else that is a must for product developers attending the expo is a visit to the booths of Innova Market Insights and Mintel. There, trend experts will detail the latest consumer and food and beverage product trends to offer a wealth of information that helps food formulators home in on what exactly their customers want and shape their company’s product development strategies.

One of the keys to successful product development is having the appropriate knowledge about a topic. And this is something else that the IFT18 food expo offers to attendees—the chance to interact with experts and learn from them and discover how certain ingredients function, understand the trends that drive innovation, and be inspired by creative product concepts.

 beverage manufacturers manage changing U.S. Food and Drug Administration label requirements, along with consumers’ desire for ingredients they know and trust, Cargill touts its ability to help its customers rise to the challenge. Cargill assists with product line and brand innovation challenges initiated by consumer and regulatory demands to improve nutritional profiles through sugar reduction, healthier oils, reduced sodium, and cleaner labels. Cargill provides customers with deep technical knowledge and ingredient solutions focused on improving nutritional values and managing costs, as well as protecting customer brands through responsibly supplied ingredients. Stop by the booth at IFT18 to discuss your label challenges. Cargill, cargill.com, Booth S2202

BARILLA HAS DEDICATED more than 140 years to developing and sharing delicious, high-performing, and wholesome pasta. Today, Barilla’s high-performance and non-GM certified pasta is available not just to home cooks and restaurant chefs, but to product developers as well. It’s the result of the company’s R&D expertise and world-class consumer insights, according to the company. At the Barilla booth, attendees can taste and experience what the company does firsthand—from vegetable-enhanced mac and cheese to regional Italian favorites—and can meet with their chefs and ingredient sales team. Barilla, barillafs.com, Booth N6913

TODAY’S CONSUMERS EXPECT products with clean labels but are not willing to compromise on taste. Kerry, which bills itself as “The Taste & Nutrition Company,” is responding with better, more authentic, and nutritious taste experiences, bringing its strong food heritage, global insights, marketplace knowledge, and culinary and applications expertise to deliver solutions that meet consumers’ needs. From providing authentic taste with sustainable ingredients to reducing sugar in better-for-you applications, Kerry is leading the way to delivering great taste with clean labels. Kerry, kerry.com, Booth S2213

FOR MANY OF today’s consumers, food is all about getting back to nature and simplicity. Diana Food will showcase natural solutions dedicated to the savory, sweet, and beverage markets. The company will present its new soft pieces in a chocolate bar and a muffin. It will highlight its natural coloring solutions in ice cream and candies. Booth visitors can also try an energy drink formulated with acerola, carrot, and coconut water ingredients.

For savory products, the focus is on the company’s taste capabilities. From fresh to culinary notes, its soup, broth, and preparations from organic and clean label ranges will make food feel like it is homemade. At the IFT food expo, the company will present for the first time ingredients from its new chicken processing plant, which is based in Georgia. Made from humanely raised birds, the ingredients (chicken broth, powders, and fats) will be formulated into various product concepts. Diana Food, diana-food.com, Booth S1549

ADM IS AN industry-leading specialty ingredients provider offering an ever-expanding catalog of flavorful, colorful, functional, nutritious, and whole-food ingredients. These include plant-based proteins, sweetening solutions, health and wellness ingredients, and much more. Whether it is a single ingredient, custom ingredient blend, or a complete product solution, the company’s ingredient experts can help its customers get to market faster with great-tasting, nutritious foods that consumers will purchase time and time again. ADM, adm.com, Booth 1202

CUSTOMERS WITH PRODUCT development challenges can visit the booth of ICL Food Specialties to learn about the company’s various ingredient solutions. On-trend innovation is on the menu as visitors can sample product concepts that are vegan, reduced sodium, simple label, or formulated with alternative proteins.

Novel product concepts will highlight ICL Food Specialties’ expertise in protein ingredients. Try a creamy, vegan beer cheese soup featuring BEKAPLUS DV 180. Top it off with crunchy quinoa croutons featuring the BEKABAKE CB 200 binding system, or add some meatless bacon made with the ROVITARIS system. Clean label sodium reduction will be demonstrated in meat solutions with TARI COMBI PP1 and SALONA Sea Salt. A protein drink containing BEKAPLUS BP 800 will be offered as well. ICL Food Specialties, iclfood.com, Booth S2049

CIRANDA WILL PRESENT new organic ingredients as well as others from its portfolio of clean label, on-trend, organic, and non-GM ingredients.

Organic cassava flour has a neutral flavor and soft texture and is a preferred flour to use in gluten-free bakery applications, according to the company. Ciranda’s fine, extra fine, and toasted cassava flour varieties are certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. The flour provides texture in gluten-free bakery and snacks and acts as a thickener in soups and sauces. The Jerusalem artichoke, a root vegetable, has a high concentration of inulin fiber. The whole roots are shredded, dried, and milled to produce the company’s organic Jerusalem artichoke flour. The flour has an earthy, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor.

Ciranda has expanded its organic coconut ingredient line to include organic coconut milk powder with 45% and 65% fat contents. Coconut milk powder is used in many of the same applications as fluid coconut milk, such as sauces, frozen desserts, prepared meals, and beverages. It is also suitable for dry applications like nutritional powders or drink mixes. Finally, the company added organic brown rice syrup and clarified brown rice syrup to its portfolio. With a variety of dextrose equivalency (DE) levels, organic brown rice syrups provide numerous functions (depending on application), including sweetness, body, binding, freeze-point depression, softness, and browning. Ciranda, ciranda.com, Booth S4331

SAMPLE CHEF-CREATED BITES inspired by world cuisines and featuring Mizkan America’s organic vinegars, peppers, and denatured spirits at the Mizkan booth. Each day of the expo, the company will feature a different flavorful bite in the morning and in the afternoon. Mizkan will also feature a refreshing shrub drink each day to complement the menu. Mizkan’s peppers include diced and pureed jalapeños, green and red chiles, chipotles, tomatillos, and poblano peppers. The denatured spirits line consists of dark and light rum, French brandy, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and moonshine. Mizkan’s organic vinegar line includes apple cider, white distilled, balsamic, red wine, rice, and white wine vinegars. All of the company’s vinegars are crafted using a carefully curated technique developed by a family-owned company with more than 200 years of vinegar brewing expertise. Mizkan America, mizkan.com, Booth S2240

AS CLEANER LABELS and plant-based products become more popular, Emsland Group is targeting the growing health and wellness segment by specializing in the production, application, and supply of plant-based ingredients. The company manufactures plant-based ingredients from renewable raw materials, including potatoes and peas. The company offers a diverse ingredient portfolio of vegetable proteins, clean label and modified starches, fibers, and potato flakes and granules for use in a wide variety of food formulations. These ingredients can be used in gluten-free formulations and vegan products, and they can be used to enrich the fiber content of food products. The company will showcase its Empro line of pea protein isolates, Empure range of clean label ingredients, and its latest innovation, Emden ET 50, a modified food starch suitable for vegan confectionery applications. Emsland Group, emsland-group.de/e, Booth S4449

IMAGINE DOING MORE to create trend- and consumer-connected products that stand out in the marketplace thanks to ingredients that create appeal. Together, Ingredion, TIC Gums, and Kerr Concentrates help their customers overcome formulation challenges in the areas of clean label, health and nutrition, sensory experience, affordability, and convenience and performance.

Visitors to the booth will experience how to formulate simpler, less processed foods and beverages with ingredients that consumers recognize with new NOVATION PRIMA organic functional native starches and HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional rice, tapioca, and pulse flours. Other ingredients are liquid NUTRAFLORA scFOS prebiotic fibers, VITESSENCE clean-taste pulse proteins, and a new 80% pea protein isolate. Reduce more sugar than ever before with leaf-based BESTEVIA Reb M, Reb D, and cost-optimized ENLITEN Fusion stevia sweeteners. Product developers can replace ingredients such as fast-digesting carbohydrates with SUSTRA slowly digestible carbohydrate to offer more of the sustained energy consumers want. Visit the booth to learn how to set new standards of appeal with tastes and textures that consumers can love. Ingredion, ingredion.us, Booth S2131

NEW PRODUCT APPLICATIONS for the dairy, bakery, and beverages industries are planned from SensoryEffects, a Balchem company. Look for on-site demonstrations that show the solutions for these customer-focused applications. Improving nutrition and convenience are the themes for Balchem at this year’s food expo.

For the beverage industry, Balchem will present “Generational Nutrition” with a special focus on children’s nutrition and will feature better-tasting plant-based options. The company will also introduce capabilities for the dairy industry beyond ice cream. The bakery industry can look forward to the Fall 2019 Feature Flavors launch at the booth for inclusions that bring on-trend flavors for autumn-inspired tastes. SensoryEffects, sensoryeffects.com, Booth S1038

Dairy products and ingredients have many functionalities and are used to address a range of formulation requirements. In its neutral-tasting concentrate and isolate forms, dairy adds protein to bars and workout drinks, and in liquid form, it provides creaminess to beverages and desserts. As butter, it offers richness and enhances crispiness and browning, and in cheese form, it boosts savoriness and flavor. As far as nutrition is concerned, dairy products and ingredients are rich in protein and minerals such as calcium and can be used to boost the nutritional profile of different kinds of food and beverage products.

INOVATING WITH ITS customers in mind, Idaho Milk Products developed IdaPlus 1085, a highly functional protein that functions in many applications. Created using the company’s proprietary process, IdaPlus 1085, an enhanced 85% milk protein, offers great value in applications such as high-protein ice cream, high-protein coffee, and ready-to-drink beverages, according to the company.

IdaPlus 1085 is produced from fresh, pasteurized skim milk using a low-heat membrane filtration process to ensure that the protein is undenatured and remains highly nutritional and includes casein and whey proteins in the same unaltered ratio as in milk. It has a clean, sweet dairy flavor and aroma as well as excellent solubility and emulsifying capacities, delivering improved texture and hydration compared with typical MPC and MPI ingredients, according to the company. Idaho Milk Products, idahomilkproducts.com, Booth S3822

VISIT MILK SPECIALTIES Global booth to sample fizzique sparkling water made with PRObev heat-stable whey protein isolate. Milk Specialties Global, one of the leading companies creating high-end, value-added milk and whey protein ingredients, will showcase innovative dairy protein ingredients and a finished product with the potential to revolutionize the protein drinks category. Try fizzique in its newest flavors: Tropical Limon and Strawberry Watermelon. Both formulas contain 20 g of whey protein, and are sweetened with sucralose, so they have only 80 calories per can and zero carbs.

The company will serve bars made with BARsoft, a functional protein designed to provide a soft texture, optimal sensory experience, and extended shelf life in high protein bars. Each bar contains 15 g of protein/60 g serving. BARsoft reduces moisture migration in the ingredients, resulting in significantly reduced browning and hardening over the shelf life of the bar, according to the company. Milk Specialties Global, milkspecialties.com, Booth S4238

AS ONE OF the leaders in manufacturing innovative cheese ingredients, Ornua Ingredients North America will highlight the functionalities of some of its key ingredients. Learn about its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending clean label @Home Cheese that is said to provide bold flavor, premium quality, and superior stability. The company is promoting the ingredient as one that meets the demand for clean, but functional cheese. Ornua Ingredients will showcase its Cheddariffic cheese ingredient. Cheddariffic delivers rich flavors and a clean label to soup, sauce, and dip applications. The company is also introducing its newest Restricted Melt, which is pumpable and extrudable, and lends itself to the manufacturing needs around appetizers, snacks, and other handheld foods. With the opening of its new state-of-the-art dicing and shredding facility in Wisconsin, the company now provides a more manufacturing-friendly, ready-to-use cheese for its customers. Ornua Ingredients North America, ornuaingredientsnorthamerica.com, Booth S2183

DAIRY, CHEESE, AND lipid ingredients will deliver the widest possible range of functional attributes where convenience is a premium. These ingredients from CoreFX Ingredients will satisfy the consumer demands for better-for-you foods.

The company prides itself on being value-added dry dairy experts and uses its dairy heritage to create authentic dry butter, cheese, creams, and cultured dairy that are available organic, non-GM, kosher, halal, and rBST-free. Its ingredients are clean label, fully traceable, and full of protein, micronutrients, and flavor that can be used in a wide variety of applications, according to the company. CoreFX Ingredients, corefxingredients.com, Booth S1178

SINCE ITS FOUNDING in 1954, Saputo has been a producer and supplier of dairy ingredients and products, which are now sold in more than 40 countries. It sells its own branded products as well as products labeled under its retail and foodservice customers’ brand names. The company has cheese and dairy divisions in Canada and the United States. These divisions produce, market, and distribute various cheese and dairy products. The company also manufactures dairy ingredients, including milk powder, whey powder, and whey protein concentrates. Saputo, saputo.com, Booth S3962

MAYASAN IS A manufacturer and supplier of ingredients and equipment for the dairy industry. The company’s products are consumed on five continents and in more than 70 countries. Experienced personnel, R&D investments, strategic partnerships, excellent logistics, and customer services are behind this success, according to Mayasan.

The company offers three types of coagulants/rennets to meet different kinds of needs: calf rennet, microbial rennet, and 100% fermentation-produced chymosin. To meet the needs of the dairy industry, the company provides preservatives such as pimaricin, nisin, and lysozyme, as well as colorants such as chlorophyll and annatto. Mayasan also offers Twinsensor antibiotic test kits and Milkana milk analyzers. Mayasan, mayasan.com, Booth N6907

Public health officials are advocating even more daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and some consumers are looking to processed foods as a source. Product developers realize that fruits and vegetables are value-added ingredients in food and beverage products. They add color, flavor, and texture, and consumers often perceive products that contain them to be healthier than those that do not. Manufacturers can add fruit and vegetable ingredients to their bars, beverages, and cereals in a variety of forms, from fresh to frozen to freeze-dried and everywhere in between. These additions can provide texture, color, and flavor to products while improving their nutritional profile.

SPECIALIZING IN KEY lime, Persian lime, and lemon ingredients, Citrojugo supplies ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers and foodservice operators. Its juices and purees are produced for use in soft drinks, juice products, energy drinks, sauces, dressings, and confectionery. Variations include not-from-concentrate, cloudy concentrate, and clarified concentrate. Its essential oils can be used in soft drinks or as flavorings. The company also offers dried peel for use in tea and infusions. Citrojugo, citrojugo.com.mx, Booth S4608

WHITE OAK FROZEN Foods is a domestic manufacturer and supplier of conventional and organic Natural and Fire Roasted Reduced Moisture Frozen Vegetables. These vegetables offer labor and freight cost savings. All White Oak Frozen Foods products are processed using a validated thermal kill step that ensures that the vegetables meet the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s definition for ready-to-eat (RTE). This proprietary process is validated by an ISO 17025 accredited third-party laboratory in an SQF Level 3 certified facility.

The Reduced Moisture RTE Vegetables are available in a variety of cut sizes ranging from 1/8-inch to 1½-inch dices, and 3/8-inch natural length strips. All products are clean label ready with custom blending and spices/seasonings as an added option. The company’s products are popular in the following applications: meal kits, pizzas, prepared bowls, sandwiches, sauces, dips, omelets, and cheese/dairy-based products. White Oak Frozen Foods is a division of CSI and part of JAIN USA. White Oak Frozen Foods, whiteoakfrozenfoods.com, Booth S2562

STAYING TRUE TO the natural goodness of its fresh produce drives what Van Dyk Specialty Products does. The company’s specialty is wild blueberries, but it also produces unsweetened, whole, and powdered berries, fruits, and vegetables as well as pure juices. Its mission is to take the bounty from its family farm and its partner farms and produce shelf-stable products while protecting the nutrients of the original fresh fruit or vegetable, providing consumers access to healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables all year long. The company achieves this by using patented processes specifically designed to protect the naturally occurring antioxidants and other bioactive nutrients in the fresh produce. Processes include a modified cold press flash pasteurization system to produce pure unsweetened fruit juices and a vacuum radiant energy drying system. Van Dyk Specialty Products, vandykblueberries.ca, Booth N6820

JULY WELCOMES NATIONAL Blueberry Month, a time to join the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council in celebrating blueberries in product development throughout the food and beverage industry. Visit the booth to taste blueberry treats and discover how blueberries feed product development in hundreds of products—everything from formulas for babies and products that appeal to Millennials to anti-aging products, pet food, and cosmeceuticals.

This year manufacturers can feature the new Real Blueberries Seal on their products, letting consumers know that they are getting real highbush blueberries or real blueberry co-products such as purées, juices, and concentrates. The Real Blueberries Seal helps manufacturers showcase the advantages of blueberries, including lush texture, burst-in-the-mouth flavor, nutritional value, product authenticity, appetizing color, and the health halo that is so important in today’s customer-directed marketplace, according to the council. U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, blueberrytech.org, Booth S2026

AS ONE OF the largest European producers of dried vegetables, Jaworski Vegetable Drying Plant produces about 7,000 metric tons of dried vegetables and herbs a year for customers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The company specializes in dehydrated carrots, and it also produces dehydrated green/white leeks, red beetroots, parsnips, parsley root and leaves, celery root and leaves, celery stalks, green beans, white cabbage, pumpkins, zucchinis, and cauliflower. The company reports that its biggest strength is the complete control of the production process, starting with providing farmers with the seeds, through supervised cultivation, manufacturing, and final quality control. Jaworski Vegetable Drying Plant, jaworski.com.pl/en, Booth S2059

LEARN ABOUT THE functionalities of sweet potato ingredients at the Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients booth. Carolina Craft is a line of dehydrated sweet potato ingredients from Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients that includes sweet potato granules and fine and mid-grain flours. They are not genetically modified and are gluten-free. Use them in baked goods, bakery mixes, and snack products. Carolina Craft flour offers an added benefit of extending shelf life. The company reports that bread produced with sweet potato flour has shown an average three-day shelf-life extension. While at the booth, ask about the company’s white paper that details the uses of Carolina Craft dehydrated sweet potato flour and dehydrated sweet potato granules, which have potential for use as extenders in ground meat applications.

There’s also a sweetener available called Carolina Sweet. It is a higher Brix, vegetable-based clean label replacement for other sweeteners such as agave syrup, honey, brown rice syrup, and high fructose corn syrup. Carolina Sweet is an ideal clean label sweetening solution option for applications like sauces, baked goods, and others. Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, cifingredients.com, Booth S202

EXPERIENCE TRENDY NEW “designer grapes” that are rich in naturally sweet flavors with no added sugar, color, or preservatives. Joining the Milne MicroDried portfolio of 100% fruit and vegetable ingredients, the new grape varieties, Summer, Envy, Jewel, and Festival, are large and colorful with unique shapes and textures, bursting with just-off-the vine flavor.

Available in whole pieces with a two-year shelf life, these dried “designer grapes,” as the company calls them, are grown and processed in the United States and are ideal as snacks and in trail and nut mixes.

The grapes are dried using Milne MicroDried’s proprietary REV (Radiant Energy Vacuum) technology, which helps preserve the natural size, color, and sweetness found in each grape.

With more than 20 fruit and vegetable varieties and select organics, MicroDried fruits and vegetable ingredients offer a clean, single ingredient label with no added sugars, color, preservatives, or additives of any kind and are high in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. Milne MicroDried, milnemicrodried.com, Booth S2117

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES processed in a variety of ways help to meet the formulation needs of product developers. Van Drunen Farms produces a variety of fruits in freeze-, drum-, and air-dried versions. There are also low-moisture fruits that are produced by replacing the water in the raw material with sugar or other sweeteners. Vegetables can be freeze-, drum-, or air-dried or individually quick frozen (IQF), and tomatoes can also be sun-dried. Van Drunen Farms, vandrunenfarms.com, Booth S3644

With obesity-related diseases on the rise, many food and beverage manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce added sugar in products. From more traditional high-intensity options like sucralose and aspartame to natural offerings derived from the stevia plant, sugar alternatives can maintain sweetness levels in products as well as provide cost savings. In addition, nutritive sweeteners made from natural sources, like molasses, tapioca, and rice, can offer a taste similar to sugar while providing for natural label opportunities.

A NEW LINE of allergen-free, coated sugars is available under the Bits-O-Flavor brand from Inclusion Technologies. These new sugars are made with naturally derived ingredients and are available in several different sizes (fine and granular) and in a wide range of impactful flavors and colors. The flavors are apple, blueberry, cherry, cinnamon, cappuccino, caramel, chocolate, chocolate mint, lemon, lime, maple, mocha, orange, peppermint, raspberry, salted caramel, strawberry, and vanilla. These ingredients are highly flavored and colored and then “sealed” with a coating fat to protect the natural flavors and colors and allow for improved stability in finished applications. The Bits-O-Flavor ingredients are designed for post-bake topical applications and will not withstand baking or other processing temperatures above 140°F. Inclusion Technologies, inclusiontech.com, Booth S2650

MATSUTANI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co., one of Japan’s leading producers of specialty food starches, maltodextrins, and rare sugars, will highlight its rare sugar, Astraea Allulose. Allulose is a monosaccharide and a rare sugar—one of approximately 50 that exist in nature. The monosaccharide has 0.2 K/Cal/g and gives true sugar flavor with no aftertaste, according to the company.

Astraea Allulose can be used in beverages, confections, dairy, bakery, and sweet goods; as a 100% table-top granular sugar replacement; and as a replacement for sugar in hard candy and chewing gum at 50%. Sample chocolate and other items prepared with the ingredient, and speak with the company’s R&D experts about the properties and benefits of Astraea Allulose at the food expo. Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., astraea-allulose.com, Booth S4226

MANY CONSUMERS DEMAND a clean label and the removal of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) from foods and beverages. Food companies must either reformulate their brands or develop new products without HFCS. On a solids basis, liquid sucrose and HFCS have the same number of calories as most carbohydrates: 4 cal/g. HFCS 55 was formulated specifically to be a direct substitute for liquid sucrose with the same solids and the same sweetness, so conversion is as simple as converting the contents of a storage tank, according to the company. On a dry basis level, liquid sugar will be sweeter than HFCS 42, so less liquid sugar can be used when the primary function of the HFCS is to add sweetness. Sugaright (a division of CSC Sugar) offers less processed liquid sugar options that it reports are more sustainable than traditional liquid sugar. Sugaright (a division of CSC Sugar), cscsugar.com, Booth S5145

TWO NEW PLANT-BASED sweeteners make their debut at this year’s expo. Layn Corp. will release its SteviUp and Lovia sweeteners, which combine next-generation glycosides with a proprietary formula.

Lovia pairs mogroside compounds with preferred glycosides to provide a high-quality, sugar-like sweetness that can be used for deep sugar reduction with zero calories, without significantly increasing in-cost use, according to the company. During the expo, the company will showcase its extensive portfolio of plant-based sweeteners and flavors. The company will offer samples of its new ingredients, and its experts will be on hand to help attendees with sugar reduction and product reformulation efforts. Layn Corp., layncorp.com, Booth S1659

THE NEWEST SWEETENER from Icon Foods (formerly Steviva Brands Inc.) blends stevia, allulose, and monk fruit to allow food and beverage manufacturers to reduce calories and added sugars in their formulation but still give the sweetness perception consumers want. Available in granulated powder and liquid syrup, KetoseSweet+ can be used in baking applications, for canning jellies and jams, and in both hot and cold beverages.

In addition to learning more about KetoseSweet+, the first 500 visitors to the company’s booth will receive an autographed copy of Guy Gone Keto by Thom King, Icon Foods founder and CEO. The book tells his personal story of transitioning from a typical American diet to the ketogenic lifestyle. There will also be samples of Guy Gone Keto condiments, a new line of five low-carb, sugar- and filler-free ketogenic condiments made with KetoseSweet+ and rich in MCT oil. Icon Foods, iconfoods.com, Booth S5314

THE DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION, and distribution of noncaloric sweeteners for the food and beverage industry is the mission of SweeGen. The company offers BESTEVIA Reb M stevia sweetener, which is produced using a non-GM technology. It has a sweetness factor that is 250 times sweeter than sugar and can be used to formulate beverages with 70% sugar reduction without compromising taste, according to the company. SweetGen, sweegen.com, Booth S1245

A RANGE OF sweeteners, including molasses, light and dark brown syrup, tapioca syrup, invert sugars, rice syrups, and dry sweeteners is supplied by Domino Specialty Ingredients. It can also provide high-intensity sweeteners in the form of sugar and stevia blends, as well as stevia with different levels of rebaudioside A. In addition, Domino’s range of evaporated cane juices, which are available in organic varieties, are certified carbon free. Domino Specialty Ingredients, dominospecialtyingredients.com, Booth S1014

As more consumers look to manufacturers to create products free from artificial ingredients, high-quality, naturally derived colorings and flavorings are more important than ever. Advances in technology, new regulatory approvals, and innovative production methods mean that manufacturers of colorings can now provide bright, vibrant, true-to-life hues for all manner of applications, from confectionery and ice creams to soups and sauces, while allowing consumers to feel good about what they buy. Flavor chemists influenced by the latest trends for global flavors, bold flavors, and even the fusion of flavors create flavorings that tap into these trends. Expect to see product concepts at the food expo that feature flavorings that capture the nuances of ingredients and foods from the Mediterranean region, Asia, and Latin America, areas associated with three of the most popular cuisines today.

THIS SUMMER, SAN Joaquin Valley Concentrates is changing its name to California Natural Color (CNC).

In 2010, the company began using a proprietary technology that converts fruits and vegetables into dry, crystallized colors. These crystal colors differ from typical spray-dried colors because they are carrier free, have fast solubility, are less dusty, and contribute zero calories to a finished formulation.

“We’ve been working on some new colors that we will unveil at IFT this summer,” says Cori Satkowski, product development technologist–lead. “Our fruit and vegetable crystal colors already provide a wide variety of different red hues and intensities. These new colors will expand our offerings in a significant way.”

All of the colors that the company offers are naturally derived. CNC, which bills itself as the world’s largest supplier of natural grape colors to the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries, is a division of the E.&J. Gallo Winery. California Natural Color, sjvconc.com, Booth S1407

TWO NEW BEET powder ingredients from Food Ingredient Solutions can add color to various applications. Vegetable Juice Color 4517 is the company’s first color spray-dried onto gum arabic for customers wishing to avoid maltodextrin. The other color ingredient, Vegetable Juice Color 4520, is heat stable and designed for hot-fill dairy and baking applications such as red velvet cake. Food Ingredient Solutions, foodcolor.com, Booth S3752  

SINCE 1903, CALLISONS has been both a local and global supplier of handcrafted mint flavor. The company says that it has spent most of the last 100-plus years perfecting the art of identifying, evaluating, and designing the best mint flavors available on the market. Today, it is a market leader in mint flavors, and continues to grow its business in a variety of new and exciting ways. The company has expanded its focus to include flavors outside of mint. Its flavor team is a group of dedicated and passionate flavor experts who craft and design the perfect flavors for the company’s customers’ beverage, confection, and oral care applications. Whether it’s a refreshingly crisp spearmint, an herbal and tangy lemongrass citrus splash, or a juicy red raspberry, Callisons can create a flavor to fit product development needs. Callisons, callisons.com, Booth S4655

TWO NEW FOOD colors from EMD Performance Materials make their debut this year. The company is highlighting Candurin NXT Ruby Red, the first pearlescent red for foods in the United States. It is approved for use in soft and hard candies, chewing gum, and sausage casings. The other food color, Candurin NXT Silver Blossom, is a pearlescent silver with rosy undertones. It is approved for nonstandardized food products in the United States. Both food colors are aluminum free and are certified kosher and halal. EMD Performance Materials, emdgroup.com, Booth S428

THAT LAST SIP of the sweet milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl will be transformed into ice cream. Visit the booth of Gold Coast Ingredients to find out how and to taste a selection of Cereal Milk Flavored Ice Cream. The company is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer that has been satisfying taste expectations since 1985. It offers organic, natural, non-GM, allergen-free, and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions, and advanced extractions to be compatible with many different product requirements. Gold Coast Ingredients also supplies custom, QAI Certified Organic, ISA Certified Halal, and OU Certified or KOF-K Certified Kosher flavors upon request. In addition, Gold Coast provides custom masking agents and sweetness enhancers for various applications. Gold Coast Ingredients, goldcoastinc.com, Booth S1631

ESTABLISHED IN 1993, AIPU Food Industry Co., a leading food manufacturer based in China, produces caramel color and flavor enhancers, including hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy sauce powder, disodium succinate, and ethyl maltol to customers in more than 70 countries. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, where its largest manufacturing base and R&D center are located. It also operates a number of raw material facilities nationwide. AIPU has planned annual capacity of more than 100,000 tons liquid and 80,000 tons powder products. AIPU Food Industry Co., aipufood.com, Booth S752

ENHANCE UMAMI AND reduce sodium and sugar with Bionis yeast extract from Biorigin. Bionis yeast extracts naturally intensify umami flavor and enhance specific flavor notes, especially in vegan and vegetarian formulations. They can also be used as a naturally derived alternative for caramel coloring, according to Biorigin. At the booth, visitors can taste samples of various product concepts that feature yeast extracts from the Bionis line. In addition to yeast extracts, Biorigin offers yeast derivatives, autolyzed yeast, selenium-enriched yeast, yeast cell walls, and beta-glucans. Its ingredients are both kosher and halal certified and can be traced from the raw material to the final product. Biorigin, biorigin.net, Booth S4479

A FLAVOR BOOSTER extracted from tomato, seaweed, and mushrooms helps intensify the flavor profile of many different food products and gives manufacturers a clean label solution to enhancing the tastes of foods. Mediterranean Umami is a recent addition to the naturally derived flavor enhancer line from A&B Ingredients. Umami is one of the five basic flavors along with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Mediterranean Umami is a clean label ingredient that not only is a savory flavor enhancement, but can also answer demands for tasty, clean label foods with both lower sodium and less sugar, according to the company. The plant-based umami flavor compounds in the ingredient are said to give up to 45% reduction in sodium and up to 25% reduction in sugar. At its booth, the company will have a chef demonstrating the functionalities of the Mediterranean Umami ingredient in product concepts and showing how it makes foods taste fuller, richer, and more intense. A&B Ingredients, abingredients.com, Booth S4657

AN EXTENSIVE LINE of caramel flavors from Prova—more than 35 varieties—includes such favorites as dulce de leche and butterscotch. Both liquid and powder forms are available. Prova will also showcase additions to its line of vanilla alternatives, where technology, affordability, and consumer acceptance come together to replace or augment vanilla extract. Prova’s coffee extracts originate from the world’s primary geographical regions for the best-tasting Arabica and Robusta varieties and blends, sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Vietnam, and India. The company offers masking flavors, including flavors specifically designed to mask the off-notes associated with pea proteins. In addition, Prova has developed a line of “grocery compliant” flavors designed to meet the standards defined by some of the nation’s leading retail food outlets. Prova’s ingredients include natural extracts; natural and artificial flavors; organic vanilla extracts in both liquid and powder form; and cocoa and coffee flavors and extracts (including organic and fair trade). Product concepts made with these ingredients will be available during the expo. Prova, prova.fr, Booth S3844

USED IN ALL types of foods and beverages, Sethness Product Co.’s caramel colors are available in a wide range of strengths and hues to achieve food colors from light yellows to deep browns. The company—a leading manufacturer of liquid and powdered caramel colors—offers flexible, stable, and economical coloring solutions to food processors around the globe. From minimally processed Class I caramel colors to cola-friendly Class IV caramel colors, Sethness provides an extensive line of caramel colors to fit every application need. To address the consumer demand for clean labels and “free-from” ingredients, Sethness continues to expand its wide variety of caramel colors to meet the unique specifications of many of today’s food and beverage products, including gluten free, allergen free, certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, kosher, and halal. The caramel colors are labeled as “caramel color” or “caramel.” Sethness Products Company, sethness.com, Booth S820

A MARKET LEADER in sourcing and processing extracts through its Taste Foundations platform, Virginia Dare offers vanilla, tea, coffee, and cocoa extracts. The company reports that its long-term relationships with growers are deep, allowing it to uphold the highest standards, while its market expertise lets it build strategic value for its partners. Virginia Dare’s Taste Collaborations platform, on the other hand, draws on the expertise of its dedicated technical team to promote preferred taste in healthy and clean label products through flavors and systems for taste enhancement and modulation.

Virginia Dare is promoting two white papers that detail solutions for top product development areas. The first, its newest white paper, includes insights on three emerging trends and new applications in beverage formulation to identify opportunities for innovation in the beverage market. The other white paper presents flavor solutions for formulating with plant-based proteins and how taste masking ingredients can mask the off-notes of protein ingredients and deliver preferred taste. Virginia Dare, virginiadare.com, Booth S2526

JOIN CHEF CHRIS Koetke as he demonstrates the powerful umami and kokumi properties of yeasts, yeast extracts, and texture enhancers from Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America. Koetke will host live cooking demonstrations at the booth and prepare product concepts for visitors to try. The company’s theme at the food expo is “the science is at the heart of great taste,” and it will have experts on hand to discuss how its ingredients can help to bring out the best tastes in foods. While at the booth, pick up copies of the company’s literature about Savorboost Yeast and Savorboost Yeast Extracts and its sweetener, Advantame. There will also be informational brochures about the science behind the taste sensations umami and kokumi. Ajinomoto Health & Nutrition North America, ajinorthamerica.com, Booth S2226

NEW COLORING OPTIONS are meeting the demands for simpler labels. A vibrant natural red option with a neutral taste can be used as an alternative to Red #40. DDW uses a water extraction process to produce the color from purple corn that is not genetically modified. It can be labeled as “vegetable juice color.” It has a safe, transparent supply chain with the capacity to quickly scale up to meet global demand, according to the company. This provides opportunities for significant cost reduction so customers can more cost-effectively replace Red #40.

The company’s NaturBrown ingredients are manufactured from 100% natural sources and are kosher, halal, and non-GM, according to the company. They offer simple label alternatives to FD&C brown blends in many food and beverage applications. Typical applications include bakery, confections, dairy, beverages, gravy, seasonings, soups, sauces, extruded snacks and cereals, and pet food. DDW, The Color House, ddwcolor.com, Booth S1814

TRY COOKIES FORMULATED with new heat-resistant dry flavors from GLCC Co. The company wants to emphasize that it’s not just another free cookie, it’s a cookie with “amazing flavor.” The company came up with a way to produce these dry flavors through an encapsulation technology that it reports helps protect the integrity of the flavor throughout the baking process. The technologists at the company had fun testing these out in cookies, muffins, and icing, and now they want to share with visitors at the IFT food expo. The dry flavors are not the only ingredient offering; GLCC also has juice blends, wine bases, and liquid flavors. GLCC Co., www.glccflavors.com, Booth N6923

A MAJOR FOCUS for Lycored at the food expo will be the super stability and versatility of its naturally derived colors from lycopene and beta-carotene. The company, which is a global leader in natural carotenoids for foods and beverages, will highlight the results of recent trials into the stability of Tomat-O-Red (reds and pinks from tomato-derived lycopene) and Lyc-O-Beta (yellows and oranges from beta-carotene) in vitamin C–fortified gummies. It will also demonstrate the stability of its colorings in hard-coated confectionery and highlight their potential as a color alternative in cheese. Lycored, lycored.com, Booth S4605

PULL UP A stool and sample Kalsec’s line of beer style flavors for foods. The company has combined its hop product development knowledge with its culinary expertise to develop authentic beer style flavor profiles, including IPALemon ShandyPorterPumpkin Spice, and Wheat. Made with Kalsec’s hop oils, the flavors provide a heat-stable and alcohol-free solution that’s ideal for sauces, dressings, cheeses, soups, meats, prepared meals, and snack foods.

While at the booth, take a seat at the counter and enjoy tasty bar snacks or go all in and indulge in an open-faced, smoked pulled pork slider topped off with a choice of various BBQ sauces. All of these product concepts will be prepared using Kalsec’s beer style flavors as well as its colors and antioxidants. Talk with the company’s team of culinary experts and discuss how to incorporate the beer style flavors, colors, and antioxidants into any number of product formulations. Kalsec, kalsec.com, Booth S1622

EMBARK ON A culinary exploration with different product concepts inspired by regions around the world. Sensient Technologies will also highlight key ingredients in its portfolio that help manufacturers address changing consumer and product development trends.

Sensient Colors will focus on SupraRed, its natural, heat-stable color; certified organic colors; and Sienna Fruit Juice, a naturally derived brown color solution. Sensient Flavors plans to highlight sugar reduction technology and its line of Sensient Natural Origins extracts. It also will debut new vegan flavors and new reduced-sodium seasonings at the food expo. Sensient Natural Ingredients offers U.S.-grown, non-GM, and organic chili peppers, onions, paprika, ancho peppers, jalapeño peppers, and parsley. It will also highlight its certified organic Hatch chili peppers. Sensient Technologies, sensient.com, Booth S1477

A RANGE OF flavors from Carmi that can be used in many product categories helps product developers create exciting, flavorful foods and beverages. The diversified array of flavor offerings ranges from caramel, marshmallow, bubble gum, and passion fruit to bacon, smoke, gravy, and pepperoni. Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co. also offers customized masking agents that can help eliminate off-tastes of other ingredients in formulations. The company has been a supplier of flavors to the food industry since 1979. Carmi Flavor & Fragrance, carmiflavors.com, Booth S2840

SHELF-STABLE CUSTOM natural color blends let food manufacturers add various color hues to foods and beverages while keeping up with consumers’ clean label demands. ColorMaker has a full-service lab that allows its color specialists to formulate color blends and test them in prototypes of its customers’ products. The company emphasizes that these color blends are developed specifically for a customer’s product and are not standard samples. It derives some of its colorings from such sources as annatto, beet, beta-carotene, grape, paprika, saffron, and turmeric. ColorMaker, colormaker.com, Booth S4231

FLAVORS AND OTHER ingredients help improve food and beverage products and make them more appealing to consumers. Tastepoint by IFF specializes in taste creations for beverages, savory products, dairy and frozen desserts, and sweet goods. This, of course, includes flavors but it also includes ingredients to enhance sweetness, reduce salt, enrich umami, improve mouthfeel, block bitterness, and mask off-notes. The company will highlight some of its flavor innovations at its booth. Tastepoint by IFF, tastepoint.com, Booth S1213

THROUGH A GENTLE process of chopping, pressing, filtering, and blending, fruits and vegetables are transformed into vibrant colors in the Exberry line. A vertically integrated supply chain ensures that all the raw materials used to make Exberry are traceable, always in supply, and consistently high quality, according to GNT USA, the manufacturer of the colors. GNT USA, gnt-group.com, Booth S449

Gums, emulsifiers, and starches play an important role in many applications, from rounding out a beverage’s mouthfeel to thickening a sauce to stabilizing a yogurt. Ingredient suppliers have developed sophisticated ways to measure and analyze texture and then translate that into a new lexicon that product developers can use to differentiate their products from the competition. With a consumer focus on natural products, more and more manufacturers are looking to incorporate ingredients that won’t impact labels negatively, and many ingredient companies are creating clean label options for a range of applications.

A NEW CLEAN label rice starch makes its debut at the food expo. Remypure S52 is the second functional native rice starch in the Remypure ingredient line from BENEO. The company’s production process enhances the functional properties of Remypure rice starches without using chemicals, giving the ingredients functionalities that are comparable or superior to modified food starches, according to the company. A challenge in formulating convenience foods like soups, sauces, and ready-to-eat meals is maintaining optimal functionality under various manufacturing requirements. Use Remypure S52 to create unique textures and excellent product stability under extreme circumstances, such as low pH, high temperature, and high shear, without the need for modified starches. BENEO, beneo.com, Booth S1440

WONDERING HOW TO get that perfect creaminess, taste, and aroma in cheese products? Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) designed a range of customized phosphates that are in line with the latest technological developments and health trends. The CORINO emulsifying salts for processed cheese are gaining acceptance with cheese processors and consumers for their benefits and ease of processing, according to the company. Its newest ingredient, CORINO 60 AC, is an analog cheese dry blend manufactured to have nutritional equivalence and nutritional advantages over natural cheese, according to the company. The company also adds that the ingredient is a solution to the short supply of milk and increasing prices of natural cheese in most markets. Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand), adityabirla.com, S4977

SNACKS, SANDWICHES, AND salads taste delicious with cheese. People who cannot or will not eat cheese look for vegan options. CheeseMaker CF ingredients from KMC make it easier to formulate products for this growing consumer segment. The ingredients are made from potato starch, are not genetically modified, and are nonallergenic. The KMC portfolio already includes a full range of solutions that enable product developers to formulate vegan products with different textures and meltability qualities. The new CheeseMaker ingredients, however, have improved texture with an excellent flexibility and are developed specifically for sliced cheese, according to the company. KMC, kmc.dk, Booth S3455

THE EXPERTS AT TIC Gums provide simple solutions to complex challenges by combining texture, stability, and nutritional components together in Simplistica ingredient systems. Simplistica systems allow food and beverage developers to optimize formulation solutions and better align label claim goals with their formulation, according to the company. Simplistica YG 3206 is a new Simplistica ingredient system that combines faba bean and stabilizers for protein enhancement and texture improvement. Since the TIC Gums’ Gum Gurus understand how all the components of its customers’ formulation work together—from ingredients to processing—they can provide R&D support and a holistic solution, according to the company. With Simplistica ingredient systems, product developers can create consumer-pleasing products that are nutritionally and texturally sound. TIC Gums, ticgums.com, Booth S2131

A GELATIN-BASED INGREDIENT lets manufacturers produce jelly candies without having to use starch depositing. Traditional confectionery production, especially for gummy candies, involves the use of starch moguls. Formulating the candies with SiMoGel allows for the use of silicone or blisters instead of starch moguls. Rousselot, which offers SiMoGel, reports that the benefits of using it include cost-effectiveness, hygiene, and innovation. The ingredient is available in a customized recipe based on specific gelatin grades, either bovine or porcine. It can also be blended with other hydrocolloids to offer a more diverse range of textures. Rousselot, rousselot.com, Booth S3417

A FUNCTIONAL NATIVE starch from SMS Corp. can be used in clean label formulations and provides several functions as a texturizer in baked snack products, especially baked coated nuts. The company reports that the Natura Lite helps to promote uniform air cell structure and provide light and airy crispness. The ingredient can replace modified starches and other food additives that are traditionally used to add crispy texture to snack foods. SMS Corp., smscor.com, Booth N7016

FOR THE PAST 80 years, Colony Gums has provided cost-effective gum and stabilizer systems to the food and beverage industry. Colony Gums’ TrueGum line has received Non-GMO Project Verified status. The line includes various gums and stabilizers such as xanthan, guar, locust bean, agar, gum arabic, and carrageenan. Colony Gums, colonygums.com, Booth S4938

Producing safe, high-quality products that retain their flavor over time is a top goal for any food and beverage manufacturer. The exhibiting companies in this category work to provide safety and quality ingredient solutions to prevent premature staling, mold and microbial growth, and flavor degradation so that manufacturers can present consistent, stable products again and again. Learn about the various functionalities of these ingredients as well as options that allow manufacturers to produce products that have the simple, clean labels that some consumers desire.

LEARN MORE ABOUT how Kemin can help meet labeling goals without sacrificing shelf life. Kemin’s formulation expertise and an extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions can help manufacturers meet label claims that give consumers what they are seeking.

The company will introduce several new ingredients at IFT18. FORTIUM RVC, a combination of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid, helps complete the Kemin line of antioxidants, with solutions ranging from traditional synthetics and tocopherols to cleaner label and naturally sourced shelf-life solutions. This new ingredient offers superior suspension ability in oils over the competitor, resulting in a longer shelf life, according to the company.

BactoCEASE NV is a portfolio of vinegar-based ingredients, which are part of the Kemin line of food safety solutions that protect against foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria. New organic varieties, as well as a higher-concentration formula, have been added to the line. These new versions are label friendly and offer a clean flavor, while extending the shelf life of ready-to-eat meats, fresh meat and poultry, and fish products. Kemin Food Technologies, kemin.com, Booth S3055

IT’S INEVITABLE THAT the quality of fresh food deteriorates with time due in part to the auto-oxidation of lipids by which free radicals are produced, impacting flavor, aroma, texture, and nutritional quality. Antioxidants prolong the shelf life of food by delaying the oxidation process.

Rosemary extracts, which are widely used as natural antioxidants, pose challenges when extending shelf life as they impart flavor, aroma, and color to the end application. OxiKan CL, developed by Kancor Ingredients, helps to overcome this problem. Being a highly refined, completely decolorized, deodorized, and deflavored extract of rosemary, it does not impart any flavor, aroma, and color to the end application, according to the company. It consists of selective nonpolar antioxidant molecules, which makes it ideal for applications that are sensitive to aroma, color, and flavor like fats and omega-3–fortified products and beverages. Kancor Ingredients, kancor.com, Booth S256 

AN EXPANDED PLANT-BASED antioxidant line is now available from Camlin Fine Sciences. The company added acerola and green tea ingredients to the NaSure line, which now features more than 30 blends. The company promotes its NaSure ingredients as natural alternatives to traditional shelf-life extensions. They are available in both liquid and dry versions and protect against oxidation (due to a unique phenolic composition) while meeting the growing consumer demand for cleaner labels. Applications for NaSure include processed meats, poultry, seafood, baked goods, fats, oils, cereal, sauces, dressings, seasonings, snacks, and nuts. Camlin Fine Sciences uses its application lab to run tests on different formulations for products to determine the best formula for each application. Camlin Fine Sciences, camlinfs.com, Booth S4416

FUNCTIONAL BLENDS, FLAVORS, and antimicrobials from Hawkins that address the overall challenges surrounding shelf-life issues in the food industry will be featured at the food expo. The company’s specialties include clean label, functional, and natural blends. Its natural, clean label antimicrobials include certified organic vinegar and vinegar–dry. Its BindTite line of functional blends addresses color and flavor oxidation suppression and microbial and pathogen control in starch and hydrocolloid systems, starch systems for multi-step processing, and specialty protein products. The company’s NatBind ingredients are an alternative to phosphates and are said to help improve texture, improve moisture retention and fat stability, and slow the rate of oxidation. Hawkins, hawkinsinc.com/groups/food-ingredients, Booth S1436

PLANT EXTRACTS CAN provide protective benefits to meat and poultry products while replacing synthetic preservatives. Naturex produces Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2, synergistic blends of plant extracts that prevent the growth of common foodborne pathogens in meat. Cleanatis M1 is a combination of rosemary and citrus extracts that prevents the growth of Listeria while Cleanatis M2 is a blend of rosemary and acerola extracts along with buffered vinegar that controls the growth of Salmonella. Naturex scientists conducted tests with the ingredients, and the results showed that Cleanatis M1 and Cleanatis M2 are effective replacements for synthetic antimicrobials such as sodium lactate, sodium acetate, and nitrites used in meat and poultry products. What’s more, the company reports that the ingredients do not affect the organoleptic properties of meat and poultry products. Naturex, naturex.com, Booth S2443

Seasonings and sauces transform foods from something that is just so-so at best to something that excites the palate, lets consumers experience the flavors of cuisines from around the world, and adds distinction. Product developers have learned that many consumers want new experiences from their foods and have begun using spices that offer varying heat sensations, for example. And sauces and seasonings let consumers taste the ingredients and flavors that define cuisines from around the United States and the world.

LEARN WHAT THE right salt can do. Expo attendees are invited to stop by the Morton Salt booth to experience the company’s complete line of salt grades and salt-related products. Featured will be the company’s kosher salt, which has less density and increased surface area than table salt, making it easy to adhere to food and dissolve more slowly for lasting flavor. Explore these salts as well as a broad range of Morton’s innovative products, including an expanded sea salt portfolio, at the Salt Inspiration Station. Taste chef creations to see how the right salt can elevate flavors and transform a dish. Morton’s expert team is ready to help visitors determine the perfect salt for their needs. Morton Salt, mortonsalt.com/business-category/food-manufacturing, Booth S2244

MANUFACTURAS CEYLAN SL has the know-how and facilities to manufacture and develop a wide range of products and solutions for the food industry. The company offers herbs and spices, technological mixtures for the manufacture of meat processed products, preparations for the precooked food industry, and specific functional additives and aromas.

Ceylan can help develop recipes and flavors, innovate and improve product performance, and supply support before and after the creation of a product. Ingredient groups include smoking spices, liquid spices, raw spices, spice mixes, color development agents, gelling agents, emulsifying agents, and stabilizers. Other ingredients are conserving agents, cutting agents, pickling agents, taste enhancers, smoke chips, liquid smoke, brine additives, raw sausage additives, proteins, colorings, starter cultures, marinades, dressings, and vinegar. Manufacturas Ceylan SL, ceylan.es, Booth S5319

THE GARLIC CO. provides premium California garlic to foodservice, industrial, and retail customers, offering pack types in fresh whole bulb, peeled, diced, pureed, or frozen form. The Garlic Co. delivers the consistent, delicious flavor of California garlic to a variety of foods. The company maintains its own seed program in Oregon, where each year, raw garlic bulbs are shipped to California, processed, and planted. By maintaining an “in house” seed program, The Garlic Co. is in complete control of its raw material chain, ensuring not only consistent flavor but also complete traceability. The Garlic Co., thegarliccompany.com, Booth S2156

ONE OF THE world’s leading soy sauce manufacturers, Kikkoman will demonstrate how it meets consumer demand for more clean label products. Attendees can visit the Kikkoman booth to learn more about products that recently earned Non-GMO Project Verification and sample innovative applications of Kikkoman Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce, Kikkoman Granulated GF Tamari Soy Sauce-NGP, andKikkoman Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. Kikkoman Sales USA, kikkomanusa.com/foodmanufacturers, Booth S1026

GREAT EASTERN SUN has been producing high-quality, artisan-made organic miso for more than 39 years. Miso Master miso is handcrafted in Western North Carolina, using traditional methods and grains and beans sourced in the United States. Miso Master miso is naturally aged, without added yeast or other fermentation accelerants to speed up the aging process. Available in foodservice sizes of 4, 15, and 40 pounds, Miso Master is certified organic, non-GMO verified, gluten-free certified, and kosher. Visitors are invited to join representatives from Great Eastern Sun for a sampling of miso pesto, miso barbecue sauce, and miso dessert glaze. Unpasteurized and naturally fermented, Miso Master is a living food with a flavor profile that stands out. Great Eastern Sun, great-eastern-sun.com, Booth N7121

DISCOVER A WORLD of flavorful possibilities and enjoy a firsthand look at all the ways TABASCOingredients can bring exciting and on-trend flavors to a variety of products. Visitors to the McIlhenny Co. TABASCO brand booth are invited to learn about the company’s artisan process, taste innovative applications featuring some top flavors and formulations, and become immersed in a hands-on, interactive experience.

Featured will be the company’s seven liquid sauces—including TABASCO Brand Original Red Sauce, in-demand TABASCO Brand Chipotle Pepper Sauce, and trending TABASCO Brand Sriracha Sauce. Attendees can learn how intermediate moisture and dry formulations make it easy to incorporate the essence of the company’s flavors into any application. McIlhenny Co. TABASCO Brand, tabascoingredients.com, Booth S1607

SINCE 1948, KALUSTYAN has been a world leader for sustainable herbs and spices, representing the cutting edge of spice milling technology through its proprietary cryogenic process. The company’s cryogenic milling delivers elevated quality and flavor, produced in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure all products meet customers’ expectations.

Through its environmental stewardship program, Kalustyan has saved millions of gallons of water and kilowatts of power along with thousands of gallons of petroleum fuel, according to the company. Recycling efforts have prevented thousands of trees from being cut down and have kept space equivalent to the household waste from a small town out of a landfill. The company’s active partnership with the Rainforest Alliance has not only yielded better quality herbs and spices, but a sustainable source for them. Kalustyan, kalustyan.com, Booths N6407, S4209

SALT OF THE Earth will be highlighting Mediterranean Umami, winner of an IFT17 Innovation Award. Mediterranean Umami is a clean label and all-natural ingredient powered by plant extracts rich in umami flavor compounds. Savory flavor enhancement and significant sodium and sugar reduction can be achieved using Mediterranean Umami, which is functional across a wide variety of processing conditions, being heat and pH stable. The product is especially suitable for meats and fish, plant-based “meat” or “cheese” products, sauces, soups, ready-to-eat meals, and specialty bakery.

Salt of the Earth will feature fresh foods prepared by a chef, allowing comparisons of those made with and without Mediterranean Umami. Visitors are invited to taste how Mediterranean Umami can help reduce sodium and sugar while making tastier and healthier products. Salt of the Earth, saltoftheearthltd.com, Booth S4657

DEMAND FOR PLANT protein foods shows no signs of abating, yet alternative protein sources can present flavor challenges. Wixon’s proprietary flavor technologies and on-trend seasoning blends offer innovative custom taste solutions for this expanding market segment.

At the company’s booth, visitors can sample consumer-winning flavor profiles in a variety of plant-forward applications. These include Caramel Macchiato Protein Shake Powder, which contains pea, chia, and quinoa, and employs proprietary Wixon flavor technologies that optimize sensory perception; Dessert Overload Trail Mix, which showcases Wixon’s crème brulee–flavored cashews, tiramisu-flavored hazelnuts, and cinnamon sugar–flavored walnuts; and Eat Your Veggies Trail Mix, which combines freeze-dried vegetables, fava beans, and almonds—all flavored with Wixon’s Moroccan Market seasoning and containing KCLean Salt to impart all the flavor but half the sodium of regular salt. In addition, plant-based meat alternatives formulated using Wixon technologies and seasoning blends will be featured. Wixon, wixon.com, Booth S4953

FAMILY-OWNED AND operated SaltWorks provides an extensive selection of premium, all-natural sea salts. Beyond a selection of authentic salts from around the globe, SaltWorks produces handcrafted lines of rich and savory, naturally infused, and cold-smoked salt varieties. Whether smoked, infused, or simply perfected in their pristine state, all of the company’s artisanal salts are free of additives and artificial flavors, and are 100% natural, according to the company. SaltWorks, seasalt.com, Booth S875

After water, tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages around the world. Tea leaves and coffee beans are processed into stand-alone beverages, and they are also used to make extracts, flavors, and other ingredients for the bakery, processed food and beverage, and culinary industries. You’ll find black tea ingredients used in sauces and confections, green tea ingredients in smoothies and sweet baked goods, and coffee ingredients in seasoning blends and beer. Exhibiting companies in this category will show other innovative applications where coffee and tea add layers of flavor.

BRIDGING TRADITION AND innovation, family-owned Aiya has been producing Japanese matcha green tea since 1888. As a large producer, Aiya oversees all phases of production and provides conventional and organic grades for all types of applications, including culinary and nutraceutical. Aiya has the capacity to satisfy the expanding demand for Japanese matcha, offering in-depth global resources to support international clientele. Attendees are invited to learn more about Aiya’s 130-year journey and the versatility of its Japanese matcha tea. Aiya America, aiya-america.com, Booth S1069

THE COFFEE BREWMASTERS uses a proprietary extraction technology to manufacture all-natural coffee and tea extracts used in ready-to-drink beverages, foodservice products, and newly developed applications that require an economical cost-in-use ingredient.

The extraction methods retain the full flavor profile of coffee and tea in highly concentrated liquid form. Unlike long steep batch methods and denaturing forms of extraction, the company has developed a natural process that produces a clean label and shelf-stable ingredient without the use of additives.

“Customers appreciate our ability to maintain the same authentic flavor profiles associated with their brand, whether served as a popular cold brew or hot beverage,” says Sean Baumgartner, managing partner. “Our expertise is extracting those distinct, naturally occurring flavors and providing ease of use, whether for the operator at store level or large-scale bulk industrial formulation.”

From single origins to tailor-made blends, The Coffee Brewmasters has a range of coffee and tea extracts that provides a versatile platform to build customized food and beverage products. The Coffee Brewmasters, thecoffeebrewmasters.com, Booth N6713

SOUTH AFRICA–BASED Khoisan Gourmet will feature its Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder, available in two options: a light brown powder made from fermented rooibos, and the company’s Green Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder, an olive-green powder made from unfermented rooibos that, according to the company, contains more antioxidants than green tea or matcha.

A multifunctional ingredient, Rooibos Matcha Micro Powder can be applied in appetizers and entrées, pastries, cookies and cakes, frozen yogurt and ice cream, smoothies, pasta, seasonings, shakes, cereals, energy bars, alcoholic beverages, and ice teas. It contains no caffeine and is low in tannins. Khoisan Gourmet, khoisantea.com, Booth S3927

JAVO’S EXTRACTION MASTERS and proprietary cold-brew extraction process work together to create collaborative solutions for a variety of customers, from quick-service coffee shops to global beverage brands. The company’s versatile process is not only easy and efficient but also supports small custom batches, meeting the demands of any size order. The process also allows for the production of scalable products that eliminate waste, reduce labor, and improve efficiency.

From precision extracts, ingredients, and concentrates to small batch hot and iced coffees and teas, Javo’s diverse portfolio is ever evolving. The company is proud to offer fair trade, rainforest alliance, kosher, and certified organic products. Javo Beverage Co., javobeverage.com, Booth S2370

SAMPLE SOME OF the latest on-trend tea and coffee formulations offered by Amelia Bay, a provider of quality brewed tea, and ask company representatives how to create a premium beverage with a clear appearance and pure taste that appeals to consumers. Available for sampling will be the company’s organic matcha green tea with pineapple and mango, premium brewed organic sweet black tea, premium brewed organic unsweetened black tea, and organic cold brew coffee with mocha.

Amelia Bay offers beverage manufacturers brewed teas that are clean label, easy to use, and can significantly reduce batching times. Formulations are simply blended in batch tanks, pasteurized, and can be hot filled or cold filled for a stable, finished beverage that is free from sedimentation or clouding. Whether customers are creating a new beverage brand or trying to reformulate for a cleaner label and more balanced flavor profile, Amelia Bay can provide assistance. The company can also help move a brand to multiple packing facilities and offer consistency from batch to batch across geographic regions. Amelia Bay, ameliabay.com, Booth S1421

S&D COFFEE & TEA is focused on developing and delivering innovative coffee solutions to help drive beverage platform profitability for its customers. The company is a member of the National Coffee Association (NCA), a partnership that reflects an ongoing commitment to the U.S. coffee business. From whole bean to roast and ground, fractional packs to urn packs, S&D is focused on providing coffee in the size and format that meets customer needs. When it comes to the variety of blends that are ready to sell, S&D offers a catalog of coffees in a range of blends and price points. In addition to its range of coffee solutions, S&D offers tea products—created from the best blends and imported directly from the source—as well as a variety of extract and ingredient solutions. S&D Coffee & Tea, sdcoffeetea.com, Booth S1007

Whatever the need, companies in this category can provide the right grain and grain-based ingredients for the job. From wheat, corn, and oat to ancient grains, sorghum, and sprouted grain flour, these ingredients offer functionalities like taste and texture to food products. Whole grains and ancient grains appeal to consumers seeking healthier food options while giving manufacturers the opportunity to call out the ingredients to set their products apart from others. Some consumers still demand gluten-free foods, so there are plenty of gluten-free grain and flour ingredients available to manufacturers. Suppliers are also bringing more organic and non-GM versions online.

SAMPLE A ROTATING menu of delicious applications using trend-forward ingredients from Ardent Mills and its new business unit, The Annex by Ardent Mills. Featured will be ancient and heirloom grains in crisps and fully cooked, individually quick-frozen form, and chickpea flour under the company’s new Pulseful line of plant-based ingredients.

Ardent Mills offers a broad range of traditional and organic flours, whole grains, customized blends, and innovative specialty products to provide food companies and foodservice operators with “next” grains and unique, plant-based ingredients. Among the highlights from the company’s Innovation Portfolio are Nature’s Color Barley, available in kernels, flakes, and flour in Pure-Purple Blackjac, True Blue varieties, and Black & Tan Barley Flakes mix; Ultragrain whole grain ingredients; Sustagrain Barley; Simply Milled Flour; Organic Flour; and SafeGuard FlourArdent Mills, ardentmills.com, Booth S1017

BRIESS MALT & INGREDIENTS offers solutions to some of the most challenging flavor, color, function, and clean label formulating issues. The company’s natural, specialty ingredients come in multiple formulating options that can help customers “Put a Better Label on the Table.”

BriesSpecialty Malt Flours range in color from tan to brown-black. The whole grain flours can naturally replace caramel color in swirl breads and cookies and extend cocoa in brownies and other dark baked goods. BriesSpecialty Malt Flours deliver all the benefits of malt, including extended shelf life, improved crumb, and sprouted whole grain nutrition.

InnoSweet Whole Wheat Sprouted Powder is a first-of-its-kind whole grain sweetener that reduces added sugars while adding whole grain to the label. Customers can replace all or part of the added sugars while indicating whole grain on the labels of pound cake, shortbread, muffins, and more. Insta Grainspregelatinized, low-micro count ingredients can be incorporated directly into the dough for texture, flavor, color, and multigrain goodness. They are available in whole kernel, flakes, particles, and flour. Briess Malt & Ingredients, briess.com, Booth S1267

AMONG THE DEVELOPMENTS Milanaise will be highlighting at IFT18 is the company’s Organic Pizza 00 Flour. As a specialist in organic flours, flakes, and grains, Milanaise also offers custom flour and grain blends tailored to customers’ needs and private label options. Milanaise advocates a value chain approach, working closely with organic farmers and supporting them through their transition from conventional agriculture to organic agriculture. Collaborating with farmers is one of the keys to the company’s vertically integrated approach, which provides the opportunity to secure the necessary grain supply. Milanaise also has expertise in quality control and research & development, which helps to provide customers with technical support and assistance through all stages of developing a personalized flour blend. Milanaise, lamilanaise.com, Booth N6308

FIREBIRD ARTISAN MILLS operates a 100% dedicated gluten-free and allergen-free mill, producing safe, delicious, certified gluten-free flours and mixes for commercial baking and food manufacturing. The company’s product portfolio includes more than 30 gluten-free flours. Firebird Artisan Mills recently completed its primary annual Food Safety & Quality Audit and achieved a coveted AA rating from the British Retail Consortium for the fourth consecutive year.

The BRC Audit is an examination of a company’s processes, practices, and documentation regarding a number of key elements, including quality management, process control, food fraud, and allergens, among others. The process includes an evaluation of how employees perform their duties around each element as well as their knowledge regarding safe practices. Employees across the plant were evaluated and interviewed as part of the audit performed by an independent certification provider. Firebird Artisan Mills, firebirdmills.com, Booth S4070

TWO NEWLY VALIDATED ingredients have been added to Healthy Food Ingredients’ (HFI) IntegriPureline: buckwheat and amaranth. IntegriPure is the company’s chemical-free microbial reduction process (MRP) solution, part of HFI’s commitment to creating ingredient solutions with supply assurance in partnership with a diverse grower network.

At HFI, customers benefit from the combined resources, facilities, and expertise of the HFI family, all of whom are focused on bringing safe, premium quality ingredients to the table, according to the company. HFI’s integrated, controlled, and certified processing facilities for cleaning, blending, milling, micro-reduction, and retail packaging provide healthy ingredients customers can trust.

HFI’s growing family of global specialty ingredient brands includes SK Food International, Hesco/Dakota Organic ProductsSuntava,and Heartland Flax. Combined, HFI offers non-GM, organic, certified transitional, gluten-free, and identity-preserved pulses, soybeans, grains, seeds, flax, expeller oils, and signature ingredient Suntava Purple Corn. Healthy Food Ingredients, HFIfamily.com, Booth S502

RIBUS PROVIDES ORGANIC and natural rice alternatives that supply needed functionality, while helping to improve consistency and increase manufacturing efficiency. Founded in 1992 as a functional ingredient manufacturing company, RIBUS produces natural and organic rice ingredients used by food, beverage, and pet companies around the world. The foundation of the company’s philosophy is to provide clean label alternatives that can help solve production issues and bring innovation to customers’ products.

RIBUS invites attendees to ask about Nu-FLAC Tea Cut, a nonsoluble plating substrate that carries flavor or colors; Nu-FLOW, an anti-caking agent or flow aid; Nu-RICE, which functions as a processing aid to help hydrate ingredients; and Nu-BAKE, which provides emulsification and dough conditioning in bakery products. RIBUS, ribus.com, Booth S2655

SOURCED FROM 100% tapioca, Grain Processing Corp.’s MALTRIN tapioca maltodextrins and MALTRIN T-Series syrup solids are inherently non-GM and are available in a wide range of dextrose equivalents. They offer an exceptional neutral flavor and lower mineral counts. MALTRIN T-Series products are highlighted in a tasty, soft-serve treat to build solids and enhance mouthfeel. They are also featured in a sweet potato snack chip to improve seasoning distribution and adherence.

The company’s line of specialty starches aids in flour replacement in a variety of gluten-free applications. Visitors are invited to sample gluten-free pizza made with PURE-DENT B700 IP, a non-GM, unmodified cornstarch, and INSTANT PURE-COTE modified starch, which is also used to provide film-forming properties in the dough and to maximize crispness in the baked crust. Grain Processing Corp., grainprocessing.com, Booth S2417

AS A LEADING rice company and the nation’s second-largest provider of pasta products, Riviana has a portfolio that includes more than 20 trusted brands with more than 500 products widely distributed in many countries around the world. The company’s principal pasta brands include American Beauty, Creamette, Healthy Harvest, Light ‘n Fluffy, Mrs. Weiss, No Yolks, Prince, Ronzoni, San Giorgio, Skinner, and Wacky Mac. Rice brands include AA, Abu Bint, Adolphus, Blue Ribbon, Colusa Rose, Carolina, Comet, Gourmet House, Green Peacock, Mahatma, Minute, Pear Blossom, River, RiceSelect, Sello Rojo, Success, and Water Maid. Riviana, Riviana.com, Booth S1227

GRAIN MILLERS IS a leading international agri-business with diversified interests in whole grain manufacturing and merchandising, and organic and conventional consumer food products, as well as the import and export of commodities. Among the ingredients the company supplies are a variety of milled grains, as well as fibers and hydrocolloids, in organic, gluten-free, and conventional varieties. Grain Millers, grainmillers.com, Booth S4641

Ingredient companies have created innovative solutions to help food manufacturers successfully replace transfats in products to meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s mandate regarding the use of trans fat in food products. Reformulating products without partially hydrogenated oils is not the only issue addressed by oil manufacturers. They are also developing fats and oils that have a healthier balance of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as more consumers become aware of the benefits of so-called healthier fats. They have also made advances in other development issues, such as preventing chocolate from melting in hot climates and enhancing the shelf life and quality of frying oils.

SEE AND TASTE a few of the latest indulgent and better-for-you bakery, confectionery, and nondairy, plant-based application trends from AAK. Each product concept features one or more of AAK’s multi-oil solutions designed to solve some of the industry’s current formulation challenges.

Attendees can taste a range of samples, including indulgent chocolate brownies, better-for-you scones, confectionery fillings, and nondairy frozen desserts and chocolate sauces—all featuring the company’s brands of multifunctional fats, which are nonhydrogenated, zero trans, and low in saturated fat.

AAK representatives can also discuss attendees’ application challenges and offer a variety of solutions from its toolbox of multi-oil source fats and oils. AAK uses a co-development process, working with customers to make the most of their combined expertise, to create customized solutions using the company’s applications and ingredient knowledge. AAK offers a wide range of raw materials, including coconut, palm, palm kernel, soybean, cottonseed, canola, shea, high erucic acid rapeseed (HEAR), corn, Non-GMO Project Verified soy, high oleic sunflower, and high oleic safflower oils. With its broad process capabilities and expertise in fats and oils, AAK offers solutions to address formulation challenges of all kinds. AAK, betterwithAAK.com, Booth S2438

CHO AMERICA, A leading single-source producer of premium extra virgin olive oils and specialty oils, is introducing Origin 846, an unfiltered and unprocessed organic and conventional extra virgin olive oil. Made from handpicked olives and grown pesticide free, Origin 846 is first cold pressed within hours of harvest by master millers. CHO’s unique decanting process removes 99% of sediment, leaving a farm-fresh premium olive oil that contains no chemicals, preservatives, or blends of other oils. Origin 846 is available in retail and online stores across North America and is an ideal choice for everyday cooking, baking, grilling, or dipping.

According to the company, Origin 846 has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties due to its high polyphenol content. It is certified USDA organic, gluten-free, kosher, non-GM, and bears the North American Olive Oil Association quality approval seal. CHO America, origin846.com, Booth N7013

SPRAY RELEASE AND pan oil solutions are formulated by Par-Way Tryson to meet the unique production challenges customers face while addressing changing consumer demands. Whether improving processing, meeting clean label claims, or crafting a custom solution, food safety and production requirements are a top concern for Par-Way Tryson. Par-Way Tryson, parwaytryson.com, Booth S4025

QUALISOY INIVITES ATTENDEES to learn about U.S.-grown high oleic soybean oil and enzymatically interesterified high oleic soybean shortening—excellent options for applications that require high-stability oils, such as baking, frying, snack foods, and dressings.

According to the company, U.S.-grown high oleic soybean oil is a functionally superior liquid oil that offers high stability, increased fry life, longer shelf life, and a neutral flavor profile without contributing trans fats. Enzymatically interesterified high oleic soybean shortening is a high- stability solution created by blending fully hydrogenated soybean oil (a solid fat that contributes no trans fat) with a liquid oil, such as high oleic soybean oil.

At Qualisoy’s booth, attendees can speak with oils experts Frank Flider and Richard Galloway about fats and oils and discover the benefits of U.S.-grown, soy-based solutions. In-booth demonstrations will feature puff pastry made with high oleic soybean shortening; samples of potato chips fried in high oleic soybean shortening will also be available.

Visitors can learn more by joining Qualisoy’s presentation, “How Consumer Trends Drive Product Innovation,” on Monday, July 16, at 1:30 p.m. in the Presentation Theater. Experts will discuss how the food industry can leverage 2018 consumer insights for product development. Qualisoy, qualisoy.com, Booth S1424

Nutrient-dense ingredients on their own, nuts, seeds, and legumes also serve as functional food ingredients, particularly the different forms and derivatives of them, such as ground, flours, oils, and proteins. Whole nuts and seeds add texture, flavor, and visual appeal to foods while legumes like lentils and beans are value-added ingredients in packaged soup and rice products. Now ingredient manufacturers are emphasizing the functionalities of peanut and tree nut oils in applications like baked goods, dressings, and marinades and pointing out how bean and lentil flours serve as thickening agents, texture enhancers, and ingredients that can enrich products with plant-based protein.

SHOWCASING ITS COMMITMENT to innovation and new products, Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division will feature its recently introduced 100% premium, expeller-pressed almond oil. The new product not only serves as a healthier alternative to other specialty, plant-based oils, but also excels as a functional ingredient, according to the company. The oil’s clean, mild flavor lets other product flavors shine, making it an ideal ingredient across a variety of applications and food categories.

The expeller-pressed almond oil syncs with consumers’ growing interest in plant-based foods. Almond ingredients, in particular, are lauded for their nutritional, heart-healthy benefits. To learn more, visitors are invited to speak with Blue Diamond’s experts, who will be on site to offer tips for formulating with almonds and discuss their nutritional benefits.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in several live and highly interactive demos throughout the day, designed to showcase a variety of new almond forms and ingredients. The demos will highlight the many ways that almonds can elevate a product’s nutrition, flavor, texture, and quality, while simultaneously capitalizing on the latest consumer trends. Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division, bdingredients.com, Booth S4013

SNACKING INSIGHTS, SAMPLES, and much more are in store for visitors to the Almond Board of California’s (ABC) booth. ABC’s industry and culinary experts will be available to address questions and present the latest research about California almonds, as well as to conduct live demonstrations.

Throughout the expo, Chef Rob Corliss of All Things Epicurean will be available for individual or small-group California Almond Solution Sessions, offering a deep dive into the inspiration for this year’s products and assistance for other almond-related inquiries. Visit ABC’s booth to schedule a meeting with Corliss or contact foodprofessionals@almondboard.com to request an appointment.

Visitors are also invited to take part in two sessions of interest. “Cooking Up Science” will feature Corliss and will take place on Tuesday, July 17, from noon to 12:30 p.m. “The Future of Next Generation Food Waste: How the Almond Industry is Unleashing the Potential for Co-Products” will feature Guangwei Huang, principal scientist at the Almond Board of California, and Bill Orts, research leader at the U.S. Department of Agriculture Albany, on Tuesday, July 17, from 1:45 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. at the IFTNEXT stage. The Almond Board of California, almonds.com/food-professionals, Booth S2802

GOLDEN PEANUT CO. offers a full line of premium and nutritious wholesale peanut ingredients, all of which are non-GM, inherently gluten-free, and kosher. The company’s raw shelled and in-shell bulk quantity peanuts come in all grades of Runner, Virginia, and Spanish types, as well as blanched and organic. Three different types of peanut oil are available: refined peanut oil, roasted aromatic peanut oil, and peanut extract. Golden also offers a full line of partially defatted peanut flours, in either 12% or 28% fat levels. Additional ingredients include hull and fiber, peanut meal, and seed. Golden Peanut Co., goldenpeanut.com, Booth S1702

 NestFresh are a unique variety that reflects the nostalgic farming practices of NestFresh’s network of regional family farmers. The new Heirloom Eggs come from farms dedicated to raising a variety of traditional hen breeds without hormones or antibiotics on pastures that allow the hens to roam, with a minimum of 108 square feet per bird at every farm.

“NestFresh partners with family farms that have demonstrated their care for the land and superior animal care. Our new Heirloom Eggs are an exciting addition to our complete line of humanely raised eggs,” says Brandy Gamoning, marketing manager for NestFresh.

The new product will join NestFresh’s full line of humane, sustainable egg ingredients, including dried, liquid, hard-cooked, and shell eggs in a variety of formats for retail, foodservice, and manufacturing. NestFresh, nestfresh.com, Booth S4941

NEW ITEMS THAT help formulators create dairy-free and vegan foods will be highlighted by Global Organics at IFT18. These include coconut milk powder and coconut water powder with flavoring. The company will also feature tried-and-true ingredients such as toasted and desiccated coconut in several cuts, as well as coconut milk and coconut water.

Other new tropical fruit ingredients worth stopping by the booth for include organic dried banana paste, organic dried banana powder—ripe and unripe, organic green banana flour, and organic pineapple powder. All ingredients are non-GM, certified organic, and third-party audited to ensure quality and authenticity.

With nut butters gaining popularity as healthy snack spreads and smoothie add-ins, Global Organics now carries organic almond and cashew butters as well as peanut butter. In addition, the company will feature a new ingredient in its cocoa powder line, organic black alkalized cocoa powder (10%/12% fat). Global Organics, global-organics.com, Booth N6523

VIVION WILL FEATURE its latest innovation, VivAssure, a branded line of high-quality ingredients that are ready to use upon delivery. Each VivAssure-branded ingredient is subjected to no fewer than 961 different purity tests, including 930 pesticides and contaminants, 24 heavy metals, and a variety of microbial organisms.

VivAssure-branded ingredients come with a certificate of analysis specifying the precise low limit results of pesticide, heavy metal, microbiological contaminant, and botanical adulterant testing, so customers know exactly what they are receiving. The ingredients conform to current good manufacturing practices for purity, and are Prop 65-compliant, so they are ready for immediate inclusion in finished products. Vivion, vivioninc.com/food, Booth N7007

MUNTONS, A GLOBAL player in the supply of malts, malt extracts, flours, and flakes, will feature a new ingredient, Maltichoc Dried Regular, created by blending liquid barley and malt extract with other select malted ingredients, which are then band dried and milled into a powder. Made from UK malting barley, Maltichoc has a significantly lower carbon footprint than cocoa powder, making it an environmentally sound ingredient choice.

In addition, the presence of naturally occurring glutamic acid in Maltichoc enhances flavor and color, and a fuller and more rounded chocolate flavor is also achieved through the introduction of bitter and roasted flavor notes. Finished products also benefit from improved product texture and enhanced shelf life, as the humectant effect of malt extract encourages greater moisture retention compared with cocoa powder in isolation. Muntons, muntons.com, Booth S1869

HL AGRO WILL present its processed range of natural and hulled sesame seeds, corn starch, liquid glucose, and corn by-products that can be used across a myriad of food manufacturing and foodservice industries. Representatives of the team will be available to share product insights and provide ideas and solutions to visitors.

HL Agro has developed an extensive network for manufacturing, processing, and trading, as well as simultaneously developing sophisticated infrastructure facilities for sourcing, milling/processing, and shipping the assortment of its sesame and starch ingredients. The company’s core expertise lies in direct procurement from India and processing at its own plants under strict quality control measures. HL Agro, hlagro.com, Booth N6819

INGREDIENTSONLINE.COM understands the benefits of value-added ingredients. The company has many factory partners who have invested time and resources to help differentiate their ingredients from the competitive landscape. This investment includes clinical studies, published research, patents, trademarks, and DNA testing.

As the ingredientsonline.com e-commerce platform continues to advance, the company strives to create a neutral setting connecting buyers and sellers in a global online community. The goal is to bring customers a broad choice of ingredients from around the world on a highly efficient e-commerce platform where factory-direct ingredients can be sourced globally. ingredientsonline.com, ingredientsonline.com, Booth S4733

THE INGREDIENT HOUSE (TIH) is a global ingredient supplier focused on service, quality, and value. TIH supplies a select range of ingredients—including sweeteners, polyols, hydrocolloids, flavors, and cultures—along with technical expertise. The company recently moved to a larger facility with an applications lab that enables TIH to work with customers on R&D projects and create prototypes for customer meetings and trade shows.

TIH was established with a vision to be a trusted provider of high-quality ingredients to the global food and beverage industry, using a combination of low-cost sourcing strategies and value-added services. Visitors are invited to discuss their needs and learn more about the services TIH offers. The Ingredient House, theingredienthouse.com, Booth S2818

IFT18 ATTENDEES ARE encouraged to meet with team members from Olam Cocoa, which will present cocoa products and cocoa innovation services, as well as cocoa application examples, from premium cocoa brand deZaan.

The company’s portfolio of respected brands is spearheaded by deZaan, with its heritage of more than 100 years of excellence, as well as African origin brand Unicao, South American origin brand JoanesMacao cocoa powders, Britannia confectionery and specialty fats brands, and the recently launched Huysman cocoa powder brand. Olam Cocoa has processing, refining, and milling presence in the main cocoa-producing countries, as well as in or adjacent to primary consumption markets in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Olam Cocoa recognizes the responsibility to operate sustainably and grow responsibly. As such, the company is accelerating progress toward the goal of 100% traceable and sustainable cocoa volumes from its direct supply chain by 2020. This effort is supported by the recent launch by Olam of AtSource, a comprehensive, sustainable sourcing solution for agricultural raw materials and food ingredients. Olam Cocoa, olamgroup.com, Booth S0804

HBNI IS A diversified manufacturer of specialty plant extracts, including stevia and licorice. The company is dedicated to the production of the highest quality specialty ingredients through direct management of the entire process—from raw material cultivation through extraction, compound isolation, and finished product purification. Controlling the process allows the company to manage product traceability, maximize operational efficiencies, and provide customers with quality ingredients at a market-competitive cost. HBNI adheres to the most stringent global manufacturing standards and specifications, selling its products to all industry segments worldwide. HBNI, hbni.biz, Booth N6723

NUTRIART MANUFACTURES A complete portfolio of pure chocolate starting from the bean. The company specializes in custom fruit fillings and caramel. Nutriart’s state-of-the art BRC-certified facility is peanut free and kosher dairy. A back-to-back innovative supplier and solution finder, Nutriart is also a partner for private label and co-manufacturing projects. Nutriart, nutriart.ca, Booth N7217

THE UNIQUE FUNCTIONALITY of the incredible egg will be featured in the American Egg Board booth. Attendees will get to taste and see the functional benefits of eggs in different applications, including Mini Asiago & Rosemary Cloud Bread Bites, which get their fluffy, cloud-like texture from eggs. Featured daily samples in the booth use a variety of egg ingredients, such as liquid whole eggs, egg white, and egg yolks. Each application can be easily scaled up for an individual bakery or manufacturing operation.

This year the American Egg Board will participate in the Cooking Up Science Ingredient Showcase, which will take place on Monday, July 18, at noon in booth N6533. During this cooking demonstration, culinologist Emily Munday from CuliNex, a new product consultancy, will explain the science behind the functionality of eggs while making nougat. American Egg Board, aeb.org, Booth S2027

MITSUBISHI INTERNATIONAL FOOD Ingredients focuses on the development of naturally derived functional ingredients for custom seasoning blends and food and beverage products. The company is a global ingredient manufacturer, ingredient innovator, solution provider, and supply chain leader active in multiple industries.

Among the industry activities the company serves are certified organics, clean label, natural, no MSG added, non-GM, non-PHO, beverages, baking, nutritional supplements, functional foods, dairy, sugar-free candy and confections, savory seasonings, flavorings, and meat preservatives. Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, mifiusa.com, Booth S3625

BATORY FOODS OFFERS a full portfolio of high-quality food ingredients to serve the needs of food and beverage manufacturers throughout the United States. Although known for its selection of sweeteners, Batory has expanded to carry dairy ingredients, fibers, non-GM ingredients, oils and shortenings, organic ingredients, starches, and grains. Visitors are invited to speak with Batory’s staff of sales representatives to answer questions and find needed products or ingredients. Batory Foods, batoryfoods.com, Booth S1224

THE EXPERTS AT Brenntag test ingredients and additives and develop formulations at the company’s in-house application facilities. The Brenntag team can provide knowledge and support in a range of areas, including food safety and traceability, food technology and innovation, health and nutrition, global ingredient sourcing, food applications laboratory support, and logistics. Brenntag, brenntag.com, Booth S3813

AS A ONE-STOP source for food ingredients, Univar delivers a comprehensive portfolio of performance products from the world’s leading producers, with stocking locations spanning the globe. The company supplies ingredients and formulation expertise for a broad range of food applications, including baked goods, beverages, confections, dairy goods, snack foods, and many others. Univar, univar.com/business/industries/food-ingredients, Booth S2631

JUNGBUNZLAUER’S KNOW-HOW and experience in ingredients help create innovative solutions for a broad range of applications. In order to respond to changing consumer preferences and market trends, the company continuously monitors scientific discoveries to apply in the development of new products, as well as the improvement of existing ones. The company reports that its food ingredients successfully meet the increasing demand for safe, natural, and convenient foods with a high nutritional value and improved flavor and texture. Jungbunzlauer, jungbunzlauer.com, Booth S1031

DELIVERING NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS to your baked goods” is Kudos Blends’ key message at IFT18. Rebalancing the intake of sodium and potassium, two key minerals in the diet, has been shown to have a significant positive effect on heart health by decreasing blood pressure. To achieve this in chemically raised products, such as cakes, muffins, and tortillas, sodium bicarbonate can be replaced with KUDOS Potassium Bicarbonate. Developed specifically for the bakery industry, the patent-pending ingredient can achieve up to 50% reduction in sodium while contributing to the daily intake of potassium, without compromising the volume, texture, or taste of the end product, states Kudos Blends.

With the inclusion of potassium in the new nutrition labeling guidelines, consumers are looking for products that offer the most balanced nutritional profile. KUDOS Potassium Bicarbonate puts bakers in a position to contribute to nutritional improvements by making a simple change. Kudos Blends, kudosblends.com, Booth S4044


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