September 25, 2015

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Steviva Ingredients Launches Newest All-Natural Sweetener Blend: CocoSweet+ Coconut Sugar

PORTLAND, Oregon — Steviva Ingredients has introduced an addition to its line of all-natural, high-intensity sweeteners: CocoSweet+.
CocoSweet+ is composed of coconut sugar, harvested from the blossoms of the coconut tree, and of high-grade, water-extracted stevia. The optimum blend of these two natural sweeteners delivers a full, clean flavor profile with hints of honey or caramel, and a mouthfeel comparable to sugar.
“While stevia may be used alone, it is best used in a combination,” explains Thom King, president of Steviva Ingredients. “The proprietary blend of stevia and coconut sugar in CocoSweet+ gives chefs greater flexibility to create natural, reduced-sugar recipes with extraordinary sweetness profiles.”
CocoSweet+ is designed for beverages and sweet baked goods such as cookies and biscuits. Its mild caramel flavor and ability to build viscosity pairs well with flavored dairy, teas and chai.
In addition to its pleasing flavor, coconut sugar has a glycemic index of just 35. Combined with stevia, the glycemic index is further reduced because smaller amounts of sweetener are required.
Another benefit of coconut sugar is a robust nutritional profile. Coconut sugar contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. Its high mineral content includes potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. When compared with brown sugar, coconut sugar has 18 times the potassium, 30 times the phosphorus and more than 10 times the amount of zinc. Granulated sugar, it should be noted, is practically devoid of nutrients.
As with all Steviva Ingredients’ sweetening system solutions, CocoSweet+ is a GMO-free, allergen-free, kosher-certified food. A white paper, “Tapping into Natural Sweetness with CocoSweet+” is available free of charge by visiting:
CocoSweet+ is available in 1-lb. and 5-lb. food service bags.
For more information and samples, please contact, call
310-455-9876 or visit Steviva Ingredients will also have samples of CocoSweet+ at its booth, #4312, at Supply Side West on Oct. 5-9 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
About Steviva Ingredients:
Steviva Ingredients Inc. is a global ingredient supplier with a focus on all-natural, high-intensity sweeteners and custom sweetening solutions for manufacturers. Steviva Ingredients sweeteners and bulk ingredients are kosher and free of GMOs, soy, corn, allergens, pesticides and petrochemicals.
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