April 14, 2016

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 Steviva Ingredients to offer powdered sweeteners
in reduced particle sizes, ranging from 30 to 230 mesh

New capabilities lend greater precision to food, beverage processing

PORTLAND, OregonFood scientists know that working with high-intensity, all-natural sweeteners can be a tricky proposition. Getting the right sweetness, flavor profile, texture and functionality can take many hours and extensive resources.

To help manufacturers reduce the costs of research and development associated with creating food and beverages made with all-natural sweeteners, Steviva Ingredients is now offering reduced particle sizes for its entire line of powdered sweeteners.

“Having the right particle size affects food and beverage processing methods that require precision, such as tempering chocolate,” said Thom King, president and CEO of Steviva Ingredients. “We are now able to offer our customers sweeteners and custom blends in particle sizes ranging from 30 mesh to as high as 230 mesh.”

In addition to precise particle size offerings, Steviva’s new technology can customize particle shape, as well. “By being able to control not only particle size but also shape will be a game changer for those working with beverages requiring instant dissolvability, uncooked processes such as meringues and confections, as well as glazes and coatings on bars and cereals,” King said.

To showcase this capability, Steviva is unveiling ErySweet+™ Ultra, an ultra-fine mesh erythritol and stevia blend. ErySweet+ Ultra is designed for use in chocolate since it allows for perfect tempering. It folds into any cold or hot process and has an excellent heat tolerance past 250 degrees F. Finer than confectionary sugar, ErySweet+ Ultra can be used for making smooth frostings, fillings, fondants or coatings.

Reduced particle sizing is also available for the following powdered Steviva Ingredients lines: CocoSweet+™, Fructevia™, MonkSweet+™, SteviaSweet RA98™ and XeroSweet+. For more information and samples, please contact, call 310-455-9876 or visit

About Steviva Ingredients:

Steviva Ingredients Inc. is a global ingredient supplier with a focus on all-natural, high-intensity sweeteners and custom sweetening solutions for manufacturers. Steviva Ingredients sweeteners and bulk ingredients are kosher and free of GMOs, soy, corn, allergens, pesticides and petrochemicals.

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