Blueberry Flavor Bitz!

Icon Foods Blueberry Flavor Bitz

SweetBitz Blueberry Bitz are zero sugar added blueberry flavored bits formulated with erythritol, stevia extract, polydextrose, and natural flavors. The combination of erythritol and stevia gives these indulgent inclusions a neutral and balanced sweetness, while polydextrose improves and maintains texture. Rounding out the formula are natural flavors, that give the Bitz their concentrated blueberry flavor.

Blueberry Bitz will soften and expand in application—mimicking real blueberry pieces. They not only improve texture, but also elevate flavor and enhance visual appeal. Unlike real fruit pieces, these Bitz reduce water activity and extend shelf life. SweetBitz Blueberry Bitz can be used to formulate zero sugar added muffins, bars, yogurt, edible cookie doughs, ice cream, truffles, and more. Blueberry Bitz are also dairy free, non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free. Because our Blueberry Bitz are derived without the use of chemicals, they can be used to support a clean label claim. Request samples and spec sheets!

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