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The primary effective compound in ThauSweet is derived from thaumatin which comes from a mixture of proteins isolated from the katemfe fruit of West Africa. Thaumatin is the sweetest natural substance known to man but is almost exclusively used for its flavoring characteristics—flavor and sweetening modifying effects which occur at very low inclusion levels of less than .05%. ThauSweet utilizes a proprietary steviol glycoside for the allosteric modulation of the hTAS1R2/R3 sweet taste receptors that express front end sweetness thus, rounding out the entire sweet technical effect.

It acts as a sweetness modulator by increasing the sweetness potencies of a formula—eliminating the slow sweetness onset and the sweetness linger that can sometimes accompany high intensity sweeteners. ThauSweet also mitigates bitter or astringent compounds from extracts and herbs. Erythritol is used as a bulking sweetener and natural flavor enhancer that helps maintain balanced sweetness levels.

ThauSweet interacts with a large number of taste receptors. This attribute explains the unique elongated taste profile—the basis for many of its unique flavor-modifying characteristics. Even though ThauSweet contains a reactive single-chain polypeptide, it remains remarkably stable under typical processing conditions.

ThauSweet remains stable in extreme heat—as in ultra-high temperature processing pasteurization—as well as acidity levels as low as 2.0 pH. As a positive allosteric modulator—sweetness modulator or flavor enhancer—ThauSweet can be used in levels as low as 20±10 ppm, which may provide a maximum of 2% of the total sweetness, while the overall impact can be to increase perceived sweetness by up to 20%. ThauSweet can be used up to levels not to exceed 110±20 ppm (1%-2% of total solution) in beverages, sauces, confectionary, baked goods, and frozen desserts. ThauSweet is non-GMO and kosher. Because our ThauSweet is derived without the use of chemicals, it can be used to support a clean label claim.


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